Election Committee


The purpose of the Election Committee shall be to:
  1. Conduct an annual review of the Staff Senate precincts and make recommendations for changes to ensure that the Staff Senate represents the staff fairly and proportionately;
  2. Certify eligibility of candidates for election to the Staff Senate and Staff Representative to the Board of Trustees;
  3. Conduct the election of Senators to the Staff Senate; and
  4. Conduct the election of the Staff Representative to the Board of Trustees.

Meeting Time / Location

Election Committee meetings are scheduled the 2nd Thursday of each month at 12:00 p.m. in the Kentucky American Water Room (1-77) of the W.T. Young Library. 


  • Townsend Miller Chair
  • Laura Hall, Secretary
  • Melissa Barger
  • Ann Eads
  • George Scott
  • Erin Short
  • Pam Sigler



Note: Visit the Senators page under Contact Us if you need contact information for any Senator. 


Minutes for all standing committees are contained within monthly Committee Reports, located on the Minutes page.