Guidelines for Using the UK Staff Senate Listserv

The Staff Senate Listserv posts messages to and from UK Staff Senators and Ex-Officio members.
Please do not submit messages unless you are reasonably certain your message is of sufficient professional concern to the Senate.
Include a descriptive subject line in each posting. Be specific and precise.
Include your name and your email address (e-signature) at the end of your message.
Be careful when replying to the author of a list message. The listserv system will send your reply to the entire Senate list if you simply use the reply command. Always reply directly to the sender rather than the list (unless all members clearly need the info.)
If you find yourself repeatedly exchanging postings with an individual on the listserv, ask yourself if this dialogue should be continued off the listserv (even if it is senate related). 

Inappropriate Submissions

  1. Messages of humor or light conversation.
  2. Topics generally irrelevant to the senate or personal communication between individuals.
  3. Messages of inconsequential or non-substantive content, such as merely posting “I agree” “Me, too”, and “Thanks” without contributing substantively are inappropriate. (Such replies should be sent directly to the author of the original message.) Also, emails noting that you will be ‘unable to attend a meeting’ should be sent to the appropriate secretary, not the listserv.
  4. Selling or advertising products and services on the listserv. 
  5. Replies to requests for information should be sent directly to the inquirer, not the entire listserv (unless info is of significant interest to the entire senate.) When appropriate, the inquirer can later post a single summary of multiple responses to the listserv.
  6. Conform to professional standards and ethics – e.g. do not make personal criticism, unsubstantiated accusations or sweeping claims, or send personal or confidential info about others.
  7. Don’t pass on info you get via Internet, since we likely saw it elsewhere – e.g. fake virus warnings.
  8. Don’t echo back long messages, delete all unneeded text from previous replies.
  9. 'Flaming’ is the use of emotionally charged posting, typically directed at someone. It’s OK to discuss controversial topics, but personalizing the debate is not.
  10. Messages posted to the listserv must be civil and professional in tone. Do not use capital letters: this is SHOUTING and is considered RUDE.
Think before you post. Do you really want to say this to the entire senate and Ex-officio members? Reread what you wrote. Did it really say what you intended it to? Once a message is sent, it can’t be retrieved.
Participation is encouraged! Your ideas are important. If you’re not sure if your information is relevant, send the posting to a fellow senator to see if the information may be relevant.
Note: Neither the UK Staff Senate, nor the listserv administrators of this can verify the content of postings for accuracy or be held accountable for message content. Parties submitting messages to the listserv bear sole responsibility and liability for the content of their postings.
Questions: Please do not hesitate to contact the Listserv Manager or PR / Communications Committee Chair with any listserv questions or problems.