Public Relations and External Affairs


The purpose of the Public Relations and External Affairs Committee shall be to:
  1. Internally and externally disseminate Staff Senate information;
  2. Maintain and regulate the Staff Senate listserv;
  3. Maintain the Staff Senate website and all historical records;
  4. Lead Staff Senate informational initiatives on issues affecting the University with regard to the local and state governments of Kentucky, other institutions and other external affairs in a fair and equitable manner; and
  5. Generate recommendations to the Staff Senate for action on such issues.

Meeting Time / Location

Public Relations and External Affairs Committee meetings are scheduled for the 2nd Thursday of each month at noon in the Evalena Gilbert Spears Room (1-73) of W. T. Young Library. 


  • Fadyia Lowe, Chair
  • Clem Stambaugh, Secretary
  • Trisha Clement
  • Dave Melanson
  • Karen Michul
  • Jeff Spradling
  • Melissa Wilkeson
Note: Visit the Senators page under Contact Us if you need contact information for any Senator. 


Minutes for all standing committees are contained within monthly Committee Reports, located on the Minutes page.