List of the Senators in Alphabetical Order

Adams, Mike Department of Biology
Ashurst, Kean Kentucky Transportation Center
Bowman, Ronald College of Agriculture Field Programs
Brashear, Bonita Family Practice at UK North Fork Valley Community
Burks, Jann 4-H Central Operations
Burns, Jonathan Pharmacy Practice and Science
Collins, Tom Health Behaviors
Cryder, Audra International Affairs
Doggett, Diana Agriculture Extension Field Programs
Dotson, Misty EVPHA Information Technology
Goodman, Mary Kentucky Clinic Dentistry
Harper, Carl Entomology
Hart, Jerry Grounds Services
Hilton, Shelli College of Fine Arts
Hisel, Darlene Research Administration and Fiscal Affairs
Jackson, Karen Laboratory Animal Resources
Johnson, Franklin College of Agriculture Design and Construction
Jones, Glenn Parking and Transportation Services
Lautzenheiser, David Plumbing Services
Lewis, Joe Arts and Sciences
Lindsay, Jim Office of the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs
Livingstone, Ann International Affairs
Lowe, Fadyia University Health Service
Mazur, Penny Honors Program
McCulley, Melinda Extension Field Programs
Morgerson, Michael Family and Community Medicine
Olson, Terry Agriculture Management Operations
Pierce, Lisa Medical Records
Rice, Ben, University Computing Services Programming
Sigler, Pam Family and Consumer Sciences Extension
Spradling, Jeffrey Robinson Scholars Program
Stambaugh, Clem Restorative Dentistry
Strassburg, Andrea Acute Care and Dialysis Services
Taylor, Nancy Student Account Services
Valentino, Emily Rehabilitation Services
White, Glen UK Healthcare Office of Service Excellence
Williams, Greg Nursing Instruction
Wilson, Elijah Extension Field Programs