Goal # 3: Cultivate a Robust Research and Creative Environment

As the Commonwealth’s flagship, land-grant, research university, UK must dedicate itself to its core research mission: to produce research and creative work that makes a difference in the lives of the citizens of the Commonwealth.  UK must pursue an overarching research mission of supplying applied and translational solutions to the state, nation, and world.  Doing so will require a dedication to setting high performance expectations for our faculty and staff, a renewed commitment to significant investments in infrastructure, the retention and hiring of world-class researchers, and the recruitment of top-quality graduate students.  Faculty and staff across the institution should cultivate an environment where students participate in research as part of the higher education experience.

The "see tomorrow." team is actively seeking feedback and input regarding the Strategic Plan. Throughout the months of April and May, portions of the plan will be released for campus-wide review.  Please review the latest draft of Goal #3 and provide your thoughts using the feedback form at the bottom of this page. 


Lisa Cassis, co-chair

Lisa Cassis is Professor and Chair in the Department of Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences in the College of Medicine. She serves as Co-Chair of Group # 3: Cultivate a Robust Research and Creative Environment.


Rodney Andrews, co-chair

Rodney Andrews is the Director of the UK Center for Applied Energy Research. He serves as co-chair of Group #3: Cultivate a Robust Research and Creative Environment.




Click here to view a video of the Town Hall focusing on Goal #3: Cultivate a Robust Research and Creative Environment.



  • Katherine Adams
  • Anna Brzyski
  • Doyle Friskney
  • Stephen Gedney
  • Nancy Grant Harrington
  • Mark Kornbluh
  • Everett McCorvey
  • Tamas Nagy
  • Sue Nokes
  • Charlotte Peterson
  • Lisa Ruble
  • Beth Rous
  • Nancy Schoenberg
  • Alfred Shapere
  • Mary Beth Thomson
  • Michele Staton-Tindall

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