Goal # 1: Create a Vibrant Undergraduate Learning Community

UK aspires to be a premier undergraduate residential campus where students engage in a transformational experience of self-discovery and learning. To continue the focus on revitalizing our undergraduate students’ experience, we must redefine aggressively, but intentionally, undergraduate education using innovative, interdisciplinary approaches to create a distinctive, premier and affordable learning experience. We will focus on integrated and interdisciplinary learning as well as engagement in high impact teaching and learning, while striving to achieve national excellence in student support to graduation. 

The "see tomorrow." team is actively seeking feedback and input regarding the Strategic Plan. Throughout the months of April and May, portions of the plan will be released for campus-wide review.  Please review the latest draft of Goal #1 and provide your thoughts using the feedback form at the bottom of this page.


Kimberly Anderson, co-chair

Kimberly Anderson is the Associate Dean of Administration and Academic Affairs, College of Engineering. She serves as co-chair of Group #1: Create a Vibrant Undergraduate Community. 



Jane Jensen, co-chair

Jane Jensen is an associate professor and EdD cohort director in the UK College of Education. She serves as co-chair of Group #1: Create a Vibrant Undergraduate Community.


Click here to view a video of the Town Hall focusing on Goal #1: Create a Vibrant Undergraduate Learning Community

*This video cuts off at the 1:02:21 mark; conversations beyond that point are unfortunately not included.



  • Patricia V. Burkhart
  • Micaha Dean
  • Rebecca Dutch
  • Nelson Fields
  • Chris Franklin
  • Larry Grabau
  • Jessica Hinkle
  • Nancy Johnson
  • Pete Mirabito
  • Dan Nwosu
  • Roshan Palli
  • Joe Rey-Barreau
  • Jeff Spradling
  • David Timoney
  • Benjamin Withers

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