Undergraduate Council Members

Amy Spriggs (chair)
Assistant Professor, Early Childhood, Special Ed and Rehab Counseling, College of Education
Represention: Faculty Appointment by Provost

Sarah Kercsmar
Lecturer, Department of Information Science (2018)
Represention: Faculty Appointment by Provost

Brian Lee
Associate Professor, Department of Landscape Architecture, CAFE (2018)
Represention: CAFE

Dan Morey
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, College of A&S (2020)
Represention: Social Sciences in A&S and College of Communication & Information

Mary Shake
Associate Professor, Department of Curriculum & Instruction, College of Education (2019)
Represention: College of Education

Joe Sottile
Professor, Department of Mining Engineering, College of Engineering (2020)
Represention: College of Engineering

Allison Soult
Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, College of A&S
Represention: Senate Council-appointed

Tammy Stephenson
Assistant Professor, Department of Dietetics and Human Nutrition, CAFE (2018)
Representation: Faculty Appointment by the Provost

Stephen Testa
Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, College of Arts & Sciences (2019)
Representation: Biological & Physical Sciences in A&S

Susie Thiel
Assistant Professor, Department of Theatre and Dance, College of Fine Arts (2018)
Representation: College of A&S, Fine Arts, Honors

Helen Turner
Assistant Professor, Department of Interiors, College of Design (2019)
Representation: Colleges of Design and Social Work

Steven Van Lanen
Associate Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Pharmacy (2019)
Representation: Colleges of Health Sciences, Nursing, and Pharmacy

Cyndi Vines
Associate Professor, Department of Accountancy, College of Business & Economics (2020)
Representation: College of Business & Economics

Student appointment by Provost

** ex-officio, non-voting members **


Susan Skees
Director of Academic Services, CAFE & representative from the UK Advising Network


David Timoney
Associate Registrar for Communications, Office of Enrollment Management