Lifeguards‚ Admission Checkers‚ Maintenance‚ and Scoreboard Staff

Prospective employees must be full or part time students of UK. (Some summertime jobs may not require this). In order to Lifeguard‚ students must have current American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification‚ CPR‚ and First Aid.

Employment at Lancaster Aquatic Center requires that each person be able and willing to work in three areas of responsibility:

  1. Daily operations of the facility (lifeguard‚ admission checker)
  2. Light maintenance of the facility (daily‚ weekly‚ and special duties)
  3. Swim meet support staff (operation during all swim and dive meets)
  4. First year staff must work the swim meet held during Spring Break. This entails being here on Thursday before the meet starts. Meet runs Friday morning (6am) – Sunday night.

Daily Operations

Perform all of the normal duties of lifeguards and admission checkers for normal recreation swim hours (10:00 am – 2:00 pm‚ 5:15 pm – 9:00 pm; Saturday & Sunday – Noon – 5:00 pm). This includes alert Lifeguarding‚ setting up the deck and pool (changing lane lines‚ moving deck equipment‚ etc.)‚ answering the telephone knowledgeably about personnel and programs; light housekeeping and maintenance of the deck‚ dressing rooms‚ lobby‚ halls‚ weight room‚ classroom‚ atrium.

Light Maintenance and Housekeeping

There is a “Daily Job Sheet” for day and night workers (ex: police deck‚ straighten up buoys and kickboard containers‚ clean stainless steel ladders diving board rails and hose cover plates‚ hose and scrub the deck‚ clean windowsills). In addition‚ all employees are expected to assist in any type of housekeeping activity as assigned by the Aquatic Director‚ Pool Manager or Student Supervisor. At times there are special work periods for those who wish to earn extra pay.

Lancaster Aquatic Center staffSwim Meet Support Staff

Each calendar year there are about 35 days of swimming and/or diving meets held at Lancaster Aquatic Center. The student part time employees assist in the complete operation of these meets including setup‚ operation of the meet‚ cleanup after each session‚ finals cleanup‚ and take down of equipment. All swim/dive meets are extra time that student employees can earn extra pay. Some swim meets are required attendance. Student employees are required to assist a number of hours/sessions in order to retain their employment.

Scoreboard Staff

Students (with or without Lifeguarding certification) who have an interest in computing skills and have knowledge of programs such as word processing and Windows may apply for the Lancaster Aquatic Center “Scoreboard Staff”. The Scoreboard Staff works at every home swim meet.

The Lancaster Aquatic Center student staff has maintained the highest standards possible for all operations since the opening March 29‚ 1989. The Lancaster Aquatic Center has earned recognition as a first rate operation in every way‚ from lifeguards to meet operation to cleanliness. Every staff member will strive to keep this positive image.

Required Lancaster Aquatic Center Lifeguard Employment Test

  • Swim 500 Yards– no stopping
  • Tread Water for 2 minutes
  • Pick up a weighted (10 lbs.) full length mannequin from 15 feet depth and bring to surface
  • Perform Active rescue
  • Perform Passive rescue and pullout
  • Perform Submerged rescue and pullout
  • Perform CPR skills
  • Perform Spinal Management (Backboarding in Shallow & Deepwater rescue)

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