Club Sports

The Club Sports program at the University of Kentucky provides opportunities for students‚ faculty‚ and staff who desire a more in–depth sports experience than is provided in the Intramural and/or open recreation program. The focus of the Club Sports program blends the aspects of learning new skills‚ practicing with club members‚ and possibly competing with other clubs. It also provides a great opportunity to meet new people and become more involved with campus life at the University of Kentucky. Don’t be just another student number. Broaden your college experience and join a Club Sport!

Qualified students who may need accommodation to participate in club sports should contact the Disability Resource Center. For more information, visit the Disability Resource Center webpage.

How to Join

Club sports are organized and operated by students. Every club has different guidelines for recruiting and registering new members. To find out how you can join one of these clubs just pick up a Club Sport Contact list in the Campus Recreation office or go to our current clubs page.


All club members must be one of the following: UK students, faculty, or staff.

Creation of New Club Sport

The link refers to the steps to becoming a student organization.

In addition to the steps outlined at the link above, prospective club sports will need the Club Sports Director’s approval as their University Advisor. To gain said approval, the prospective clubs will need to present before the Club Sports officers council. The presentation should include plans for the long term viability and growth of the club, the planned source of income for the club, the facilities the club intends to use, what league (if any) the club plans to affiliate with, who would be doing the instruction, a copy of the instructors credentials, and a plan for risk management.