Seaton Center

Available for faculty/staff open recreation and special group reservations. Reservations restricted to recognized UK departments and registered student organizations. For reservation information‚ please call Natosha Harris‚ (859) 257–3928. Fall and spring faculty/staff open hours: Monday–Friday‚ noon–1pm.

Open Gym Eligibility

  • Seaton Center open gym is open to UK and BCTC Faculty and Staff‚ and full–time VA employees only.
  • Graduate Assistants and Teaching Assistants are considered part–time employees of the University and are eligible to utilize the Seaton open gym hours.GAs and TAs must have documentation that they have these positions either in the form of an UK or BCTC faculty/staff ID or a letter from their department. A form of photo ID will also be required.
  • UK Medical Center Faculty and Staff are eligible.
  • VA Hospital Staff are eligible.

For the most current schedule of Faculty/Staff open gym‚ please call the Seaton Equipment Room at (859) 257–1497 between noon and 1:00 pm‚ Monday through Friday.

ID Required for Admittance

Current UK and BCTC Faculty/Staff IDs and VA IDs are required and must be presented to enter and use the Seaton Gym. IDs that will be accepted are as follows:

  • Any current UK or BCTC photo Faculty/Staff IDs. This includes all Medical Center ID badges with photo ID
  • Any current UK and BCTC Faculty/Staff ID cards or badges without photos‚ such as the UK“Blue/White” Faculty/Staff ID card‚ along with another form of photo ID such as a driver’s license.
  • Johnson Center photo IDs are not acceptable faculty/staff ID. They may‚ however‚ be used as a form of photo ID for non–photo ID users.
  • Current VA ID badges‚ along with another form of photo ID such as a driver’s license (when needed)