The Johnson Center fitness area occupies 12‚000 square feet and extends over two floors. The lower level features a wide range of Olympic and plate loaded equipment. There is a combination of Hammer Strength®‚ Life Fitness®‚ and Cybex® equipment available for all users. The balcony level houses more Cybex® Eagle strength equipment and a wide variety of cardiovascular equipment.

From steppers to treadmills to rowers‚ there are various pieces of equipment to choose from that should make your personal workout more enjoyable. There is also overhead music and Broadcast Vision available that will allow you to watch TV or listen to music at a personal level. Staff members are available to help you answer any questions about your current program‚ or to get you started on something new. Workshops will be conducted on a regular basis to educate users on proper form and lifting technique.

Besides providing a state–of–the–art fitness area for individuals wishing to complete their own fitness routines‚ the Johnson Fitness Center also offers opportunities for personal training services‚ fitness assessments‚ and a variety of group fitness classes.

Don’t have time to make it to the gym?  No worries!  The Johnson Center fitness staff has developed interactive workout videos to help you get the same intense workout as if you were attending one of our fitness classes.   We have created four workout videos for you to choose from: Fitness Boot Camp, Cardio Sculpt and two Yoga Muscle workouts.  Now you can work out in the comfort on your own home and work out whenever you can fit it into your busy schedule.  All four videos include a warm-up portion, the main set of the workout, and a cool down period.

For more information on the fitness center‚ contact Casey Gilvin.