Cardiovascular Equipment – We have a variety of equipment, including Life Fitness and Cybex Treadmills, Cybex Upright and Recumbent Bikes, Precor Ellipticals, Life Fitness Cross Trainers, Octane Ellipticals, Cybex Arc Trainers, Cybex Stair Steppers, Concept 2 Rowing Machines, Star Trac Spinner NXT Spin Bikes and Krank Cycle.

Selectorized Equipment – We have a full line of Cybex Eagle selectorized equipment including upper body, lower body, and core machines.

Plate-Loaded and Free-Weight Equipment – We have a full line of Hammer Strength Iso-Lateral plate-loaded equipment for all of your strength-training needs. We also have Life Fitness Smith Machines, along with plenty of dumbbells (ranging from 5-130lbs) and barbells for free-weight training.

Olympic® Equipment – Traditional free weight lifting can be performed on our Hammer Strength Olympic plate loaded equipment, including our incline, decline and flat benches. We also have squat racks and a lifting platform for all of your free-weight lifting needs.