Fitness Assessment

The MicroFit® Fitness Assessment is the latest in total body fitness assessment. Assessments include muscle endurance‚ muscle strength‚ cardiovascular fitness‚ blood pressure‚ flexibility‚ and weight and body composition. This is the perfect way to get yourself started on a program that is specific to your needs‚ and help you attain your goals more efficiently. Fitness assessments are free to UK students and Johnson Center Members. The fitness assessment lab is located in the Fitness Office in the Johnson Center.

The following FREE assessments can be completed during the normal operating hours of the Johnson Center (no appointment needed):
-Body Fat Analysis (using bioelectrical impedance or BIA)
-Blood Pressure Analysis (using an automatic blood pressure cuff)
-Resting Heart Rate
-Body Mass Index (BMI)

If you are interested in a FREE full MicroFit Assessment (which includes height, weight, body fat analysis, blood pressure analysis, muscular strength and endurance analysis, body weight and flexibility), our assessment room is open for walk in assessments (no appointment necessary):

Monday: 4pm-7pm

Thursday: 4pm-7pm

If you have any additional questions regarding our MicroFit assessment tool, please feel free to contact Zach Seagroves at or 859-257-9283.