For over 80 years‚ intramurals have been a staple of campus life at the University of Kentucky that have grown and continue to grow under a simple philosophy. This evolving philosophy is to provide the University’s students‚ faculty‚ and staff with a program of recreational events and experiences‚ and is grounded in the basic beliefs that an Intramural program should be fun‚ fair‚ and safe.

How to Enter

All Intramural participants MUST create an account @ to participate in Intramural Sports at the University of Kentucky.

Intramural Eligibility

UK Intramural events are open to the following:

  • All currently enrolled students.
  • All regular and currently employed faculty and staff.
  • For Co–Rec events only‚ spouses of currently enrolled students or currently employed faculty and staff may participate. For these events‚ the spouse must be on the same roster with their UK or BCTC spouse. Spouses may not stand alone on a roster.

Other notes of eligibility:

  • Each intramural team shall be permitted to have a maximum of two (2) current sport club members on its roster for the same or related sport. These club players must be noted on the roster card.

  • Former collegiate varsity athletes are ineligible in that sport and all related sports for one academic year following their last varsity contests.
  • To be eligible for a UK Intramural event that is related to the participant’s varsity sport for the fall of 2014, a former varsity athlete may last have participated in the spring of 2013. To be eligible for the spring of 2015, that athlete may have last participated in the fall of 2013.
  • Former professional athletes are ineligible in the sport of their profession and all related sports but are eligible for all other non–related Intramural events.

ID Required

  • Valid UK and BCTC student‚ faculty and staff IDs are required to enter and participate in all UKIntramural events.
  • All students are required to present their valid UK and BCTC student photo I.D.s.
  • All faculty and staff are required to present either a: valid UK or BCTC faculty/staff photo I.D. or a valid UKor BCTC faculty/staff card and another form of photo I.D. such as valid driver’s license.
  • For Co–Rec events only‚ spouses of eligible students‚ faculty or staff must present a valid driver’s license in order to participate with their UK or BCTC spouse.

Intramural Staff Wanted:  Officials and Supervisors in Training

Opportunities are available for employment as Intramural officials or Supervisors in Training.

These challenging positions offer flexible schedules created around an individual’s class requirements and availability.

Training clinics are held for each sport officiated‚ and officials are encouraged to participate in Intramural events as well.

For more information‚ email the Intramural Sports Program at, or call the Intramural Office at (859) 257–6584 or stop by the office (room 172A) located in the Bernard M. Johnson Center