Stay on Track

Phones aren't just good for calls anymore.  With apps like myfitnesspal and mapmyrun, you can log your daily workouts and keep a food diary each day.  It's extremely easy to use, and you can keep it with you while you're running or going out to eat.  Heck, it's even free! 

Many of our staff members and personal trainers are users of these tools and recommend them to anyone trying to challenge themselves or even just the average Joe wanting an easy way to keep track of his dietary needs. 

Some sweet tips for using mapmyrun:

1) Map your route on your computer before you head out and send it to your phone.

2) Choose different areas for each day.  Keeping the routes new and interesting will make the run more enjoyable, and the mobile app is there to give you directions, so don't worry about getting lost.

3) If you're looking for a challenge, use the app as a personal trainer.  Set a desired pace for each mile, and your phone will update you on when you need to increase speed or if you are keeping it consistant.

4) Share your routes with friends and challenge each other if you're not able to run together. You can even lookup others' routes from the area you are in and try those as well.

5) This app isn't only for running!  Use it for biking, hiking, and other workouts!

Some sweet tips for myfitnesspal:

1) Under the settings, mark your weight, height, and desired weight so that you can make attainable, realistic goals from the start.

2) Log what you eat right after you eat it.  It is easy to forget some of what you eat, especially when you are snacking.

3) Measure your portions before you eat so that your calories, etc. are accurate.

4) Look at your daily and weekly progress and reward yourself for staying on track. 

5) If you reach your max calories for the day but still feel hungry, remember that you can exercise and eat healthier meals to keep on your goal.

*These apps are designed to make it easier to live a healthy lifestyle on your own.  If further help/information is needed, UK Campus Recreation has personal trainers and nutrition specialists available to the student body and any members of the facilities.