Time to Change Weight Loss Program

Spring 2014 Application window is now CLOSED

Please read below for information on applying to T2C 


This program is designed to help you: 1) give you the knowledge and tools to improve your well being 2) assist you in losing weight and body fat 3) Increase your physical activity levels 4) increase your confidence in achieving your fitness goals, 5) design effective fitness programming  and 6) make informed decisions related to fitness, nutrition, and physical activity

Who is Eligible: This program is FREE & available to all current UK students who have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or more. BCTC students who have purchased a Johnson Center membership & meet the program criteria are also eligible. You must be a hard working individual and be able to dedicate yourself physically and mentally to our program during the entire spring semester. This program is not available to UK/BCTC faculty or staff.

Program Dates: January 15 - April 25. This main phase of the program will be held primarily at the Johnson Center and will last for 15 weeks. The final week of the program will be prior to dead week, but makeup sessions may be possible during dead week (April 28 - May 2). The program will not interfere with final exams. Note: you will not be required to meet with your group or take part in education sessions during spring break, but will be required to continue workouts on your own during this week.

Nuts and Bolts of the Program: This program will focus both on providing educational opportunities to support behavior change and group physical activity sessions headed up by a certified personal trainer.  Each group will have a dedicated support system that includes a health coach, group trainer, a nutritionist, and other subject matter experts in areas to support change. 

Participants will be placed in small groups (no more than 4) based upon availabilty and interests. We will do our best to meet your scheduling needs, but please be aware that there will only be specific times that groups will utilize the facility due to the high volume of usage at the Johnson Center.

During the inital active phase of the program, (Jan 15- Feb 9) participants will take part in the following: 

  • Small Group physical training sessions led by certified personal trainers twice weekly 
  • Time to Change Mass Group Physical Training Sessions led by certified instructors/ trainers- once weekly
  • Fitness Assessment - used to identify a starting point for your journey 
  • Nutrition Consultation- meet with a registered dietician to provide basic information on nutrition concepts 
  • Education sessions (conducted in person or through web based format)- in areas of phyiscal activity, stress and sleep management, hydration, and fitness equipment set up.  

During February 10 - 25 April participants will take part in the following: 

  • Small group physical training sessions led by a certified personal trainer where you will workout and learn new concepts - 2X weekly 
  • Regular follow up with health coaches to help assist in behavior change 
  • Six (6) educational follow up sessions conducted in person or through web  based formats 
  • Weekly Mass Group physical training classes designed to expose entire group to a wide array of modes of fitness outside of your small group work (group cycling, yoga, TRX, bootcamp, etc) 
  • Four (4) Time to Change Team Challenges where each group will compete against other groups 
  • Two (2) Fitness Assessments to measure progress

Participants within the program will be required to: 

  • Attend training and education sessions through program
  • Workout on your own outside of the program (we will give you specifics to target) 
  • Track physical activity and nutrition habits through My Fitness Pal 
  • Work hard and be motivated!

How do I apply for the program? 

Initital registration will take place during 1 November- 2 December. You can apply for the program here:  Time to Change 2014 Application

Once your application has been submitted, you will be contacted to submit a copy of your Spring 2014 class schedule, and other weekly obligations that would affect your attendance in the program. 

Additionally, later in November, you will recieve other paperwork that you will be required to submit for your application packet (Health History, Behavior Readiness, Waivers, etc).  

Once the papework has been received, applicants will be selected for the program.  Applicants who are selected for the program, will be required to attend an information session (in person or remotely through web based format) during dead week (December 9-13).  

If you have questions about the Time to Change Weight Loss Program, please contact Casey Gilvin, Fitness Director at casey.gilvin@uky.edu or 859-257-6585. 

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