Alcohol and Other Substance Information

For more information, visit the Office of Wellness Initiatives for Student Empowerment (WISE).


Details regarding Substance Education Workshops:



AlcoholEDU is an online education course.  This course is required by all freshman, transfer students, that are younger that 21 years of age and is an U.S. citizen or resident. This course is made up of two parts and both parts must be completed to satisfy the requirement of completion. 


Coach Alcohol Workshop

Coach is a small-group discussion that is focused upon the development of goal-setting and decision-making skills. The "coach" is a trained facilitator who is there to provide students with information and support through discussion and dialogue.


Connect Substance Education Workshop

Connect is a three-hour, small-group workshop that focuses upon holistic health and well-being (e.g. self-efficacy, coping strategies, and resiliency).  This workshop is provided by a trained facilitator and combines repeat offenses of both alcohol- and drug-related policies.


Drug Education Program

This is a small-group discussion similar to the Coach Alcohol Workshop.  The student-to-facilitator ratio is typically no more than 4:1.  Students are required to attend this session in its entirety and return the following week with his/her "homework" assignment.


Medical Amnesty

Victims and students may be hesitant to report to University officials or seek medical assistance for those in need, including themselves, for fear they may be subject to restorative actions under the Code of Student Conduct. For example, a student who has been drinking underage might hesitate to seek help for another student who is incapacitated due to alcohol or drug use, or who has been the victim of sexual misconduct.  

  • Students granted amnesty may be required to participate in an educational action plan or meet other conditions in order to avoid creation of a student conduct record. 
  • Amnesty granted in accordance with this Code does not prevent any independent action that may be taken by any law enforcement agency, including University Police.
  • For more information regarding the amnesty policy, please contact the Office of Wellness Initiatives for Student Empowerment or the Office of Student Conduct.