Conduct Status for Registered Student Organizations

Through our interactions with students, Student Conduct strives to support the educational missions of the University of Kentucky (UK) and the Division of Student Affairs.  Toward this goal, our process is designed to provide students with opportunities for dialogue and reflection.  We encourage students and registered student organizations to abide by the Code of Student Conduct and conduct themselves in accordance with the tenets of the UK Creed, as these documents outline the ideals to which each student should aspire to as a member of the UK community.  


Below is a list of current registered student organizations with a violation of the Code of Student Conduct. This list is updated at the beginning of each semester.


Spring 2016

Organization           Current Standing           Nature of the Violation           Outcome Duration

Chi Omega                 Disciplinary Probation          8R - Alcohol                                4/8/2016
Delta Tau Delta           Disciplinary Probation          8R - Alcohol                                4/8/2016
Kappa Sigma              Disciplinary Probation          8R - Alcohol                                12/4/2016
Phi Delta Theta           Disciplinary Suspension       8R - Alcohol                                Fall 2016
Phi Sigma Kappa        Disciplinary Probation          8H - Hazing                                 12/4/2016
Pi Kappa Alpha           Disciplinary Suspension       8R - Alcohol                                Spring 2017
Sigma Alpha Epsilon   Disciplinary Probation           8R - Alcohol                                3/30/2016
Sigma Chi                  Disciplinary Probation           8R - Alcohol; 8H - Hazing             9/21/2017
Sigma Nu                   Disciplinary Probation           8R - Alcohol                                4/17/2016