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Refund Policy

We only provide refunds, both coin tower and plus account, per the following policy:
1.Refunds are ONLY available for problems with the equipment.
2.No refunds are available for problems that are classified as 'User Error'. Limited examples are below:
◦Patrons should ALWAYS print preview their jobs before printing them - any job that prints incorrectly and was not print previewed will not be refunded.
◦If it takes longer than 5 minutes to print off a job, DO NOT PRINT A SECOND COPY. Please call IKON if it is during regular business hours. If there is a flashing green light on the copier or a flashing red light, DO NOT PRINT A SECOND COPY. The green light indicates the copier is spooling the data and the red light indicates there is a problem with the job (on the copier, click the system monitor button in the bottom right of the touch screen to see the error).
◦If the job prints out gibberish, this is considered 'User Error'. Typically the job is printed in 'Binary' and not 'ASCII' characters or with an extremely unusual font (i.e. Korean-to-English fonts which are not supported).
◦Jobs printed to the color printer but which come out as Black and White will NOT BE REFUNDED. Check that the printer is printing to 'Color' in the printer settings, which are visible in the printer selection screen. This will also show up in print preview.
◦For more troubleshooting tips and common errors, see Common Troubleshooting Tips.
3.Cash refunds are ONLY available if there was an issue with a coin tower. These refunds must be picked up in our office unless otherwise arranged.
4.If a user experiences issues with printing a job from their personal computer/laptop, they should contact IKON immediately. No refunds will be given for issues deriving from printing on personal computer equipment if it is determined the issue is due to improper configuration. Full and up-to-date configuration information is available on the Homepage.
5.We reserve the right to reject a refund issued during our regular business hours if we have not been contacted by the consultant or user prior to the refund form being filled out. It is necessary for us to be contacted in order to determine the issue is with the equipment and not 'User Error'. After 5pm M-F and during weekends, this is not necessary.
6.We cannot issue refunds for improperly formatted Word Processing documents or PDF files.  For example, Word Documents that have extra inserted blank sheets or PDF files that have extra inserted blank sheets or other formatting issues not listed here.  Please check with the consultant to see if the document is properly formatted before submitting a refund request.
7.We cannot issue refunds if patron sends non-standard paper sizes to the printer.  Please note that printers and copiers on campus are set-up for 8 1/2 x 11 or 11 x 17 and Legal size at some locations (the paper size will be on the front of the copier tray on most copiers).  It is the responsibility of the patron to format the document or PDF to these standard sizes.  If the patron sends a non-standard size to the copier or printer it may cause the copier to give an error message.
8.If there is any signage on a PC or PC's monitor which addresses a printing issue, please be aware that we cannot issue refunds if the signage is disregarded.
9.When using the Pharos card swipe for PRINTING the patron is NOT CHARGED until they press the blue print button in lower right corner on the card swipe touch screen.  When COPYING the patron's card is not charged until they press the green copy button on the Canon copiers or copy button on Ricoh models.
10.Before issuing a refund, please check their Plus Account card balance to see if they were charged or not.  If they were not charged then a refund request is not needed.  You can use the Pharos touch screen or any DART machine to check the card's remaining balance.