Provost Link Student Success

The Office of Retention & Student Success is situated strategically to provide both leadership and on-the-ground implementation of student success:  guiding the institutional agenda and research regarding persistence and completion, including providing best practice on retention philosophy, tools, and issues; as well as establishing collaborative, practical solutions to enhance student success.
Staff:   Bethany L. Miller, Ph.D. (Director)
           Larissa L. McLaughlin, M.A.  (Project Manager)
Primary Responsibilities (in no particular order):
·       Coordinate Target Success, a cohort initiative using retention prediction models and micro-segmentation to determine (followed by subsequent outreach and intervention) a sub-cohort of students for which exists a great opportunity for success
·       Compile, examine, and distribute entering cohort data (overall, by college, and by special population) to colleges and academic support units
·       Monitor and analyze retention & graduation rates and achievement gaps in cohort and target populations
·       Coordinate Graduating Cohort Review, a collaboration with colleges that reviews the current status of students in the upcoming graduating cohort and supports outreach to facilitate timely graduation
·       Oversee Academic Alert Process, including reporting and distribution of alerts/alert data, as well as provide consultation in the creation of new alert system
·       Facilitate Midterm Grade outreach by compiling and distributing D/E midterm grade lists and reports
·       Compile and communicate Missing Midterm Grade data to appropriate colleges and student support units
·       Review university policies affecting student success, making appropriate recommendations as needed
·       Compile, examine, and communicate Non-Registered Student information to facilitate resolution of holds and priority registration
·       Serve as Tableau Super Users and data quality and consistency advisors
·       Collaborate with UKAT in the creation, compilation, analysis, and reporting of student success data
·       Communicate, in collaboration with Enrollment Management, Financial Early Alerts to appropriate students
·       Promote and monitor of 15toFinish campaign, including compiling and analyzing cohort credit hour earned lists and distributing to colleges and support units
·       Co-lead Provost Persistence Grant committee, a $1.5 million initiative to promote retention, progression, and graduation of students facing financial challenges
·       Co-chair Committee on Student Success, a university-wide committee of college and academic support unit representatives who examine student success at the macro/university level
·       Lead Student Success Intervention Team, a committee of college and academic support unit representatives who examine student success at the micro/individual student level
·       Co-Chair the First Year Experience Committee, which created and oversees The Blueprint:  Year One milestone programs and steps as well as related first-year recommendations
·       Support the Second Year Experience Committee in the creation, implementation, and oversight of The Blueprint:  Year Two – a second year student experience
·       Support CELT with the organization and coordination of the Faculty Learning Communities for Student Success
·       Oversee Student Success Workshops, a milestone program of The Blueprint that offers free, hour-long workshops on academic success, career exploration, finances, well-being, and other topics to encourage student success
·       Oversee the Academic Majors Fair, a milestone program of The Blueprint which provides students the occasion to inquire about and choose academic majors and minors at UK
·       Collaborate with New Student and Parent Programs on UK 101 training, curriculum, and reporting
·       Collaborate with UKAT and other campus partners on New Freshmen Survey, Graduating Senior Survey, and other surveys
·       Communicate campus student success information and initiatives via the Retention Updates
·       Collaborate with Undergraduate Studies in designing and administering the Academic Success Recovery Program
·       Collaborate with Institutional Diversity in preparing the Annual Diversity Plan
·       Work with colleges and academic support units in the creation of university, college, and unit student success plans, programs, and initiatives
·       Oversee Student Success Ambassador program, which provides individualized and direct student communication and outreach via a peer-to-peer information network