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Academic Success: Scholarships, Fellowships, & Research

Chellgren Fellowships

The Chellgren Student Fellows Program is designed to provide experiences for outstanding undergraduates that go beyond classroom instruction in order to help them cultivate extraordinary academic achievement.

Enriched Course of Instruction

The Honors Program at the University of Kentucky will provide opportunities for students to take challenging classes in many disciplines across the diversity of colleges at UK.

Faculty Mentors

One of the major functions of the Office of Undergraduate Research is the pairing of faculty mentors with undergraduate students to create a formalized, meaningful research experience.

Gaines Center Fellowships

The John R. and Joan B. Gaines Fellowship in the Humanities is a one-of-a-kind undergraduate program to enrich the undergraduate experience in the humanities in a culture where science and technology are increasingly dominating.

  First Generation College Students

Being a first generation (1G) college student means neither of your parents earned a Bachelor's degree, regardless of siblings and other relatives.

First Scholars Program

First Scholars addresses the unique challenges of students who are the first in their families to attend college and supports them as they obtain a degree.

Independent Projects

The goal of the Independent Project is for the student to be able to demonstrate the ability to propose, examine and evaluate an intellectual problem in one of several modes, as well as the ability to carry out the project and present results with competence.

Posters at the Capitol

Posters-at-the-Capitol is a one-day annual event held to educate the Kentucky State Legislators of the importance of its undergraduate research and scholarly work

Research & Creativity Program (Oswald)

The Oswald Award Program is intended to promote creativity in all fields of study.

Research Abroad

Research abroad programs allow students to conduct research at some of the world's top research institutions or conduct independent research in the field