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Publications from the Education Advisory Board

The Data-Driven Student Affairs Enterprise [PDF]

SUMMARY: Student affairs leaders invest considerable resources in conducting and organizing assessment efforts within their divisions. The primary aim of these initiatives is to demonstrate the impact of student affairs work on student learning, a goal which has increased in importance as higher education institutions face growing calls for accountability and rising pressure to demonstrate a return on investment. Yet, many leaders are frustrated by their inability to gather meaningful data that leads to actionable results.

Coordinating Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes in Student Affairs [PDF]

SUMMARY: Many institutions have begun to identify broad learning goals for their Student Affairs divisions; however, few institutions have successfully implemented assessment plans for these goals at the unit level.  Research presents three different models for coordinating assessment efforts across units.  In addition, the Council considers the role of student affairs assessment leadership, methods for collecting and applying assessment data, and overall characteristics of successful assessment efforts.