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Alcohol / Drug Concerns

Many students find their use of alcohol and/or drugs interfering with their educational goals, intimate relationships, health, friendships, and/or family life. Such problems often remain unnoticed until they seem unmanageable.  Visit the Counseling Center for help.

Birth Control & Contraception

Hormonal birth control methods -- Oral Contraceptive Pill (OCP), Ring (NuvaRing) and Patch (Ortho Evra) are very effective, reversible methods of birth control and safe for most young, healthy women.  Visit University Health Services for more information.

Blackboard Assistance

Blackboard is the learning management system (LMS, sometimes also referred to as a course management system) that has been selected by the University of Kentucky.

Computer Labs

Lab information, locations, hours, and more.

Computer Repair

Repair services for UK Faculty, Staff, & Students.

Computing Hardware Purchases

Students or Faculty/Staff wishing to take advantage of UK's discount pricing

Counseling for International Students

Transitions can be especially challenging when you are far away from people who usually support you. Counselors at the University of Kentucky Counseling Center: Consultation and Psychological Services (UKCC) understand this, and are aware of the many ways that being from another culture can impact your experience here at UK.

Counseling for Students of Color

The University of Kentucky Counseling Center is a supportive, affirming place for all students.  Individual counseling and support groups are available and can be of assistance to those who may have felt marginalized and/or are from traditionally underrepresented racial or ethnic groups.


University of Kentucky Debate Team's Homepage

Disability Issues

Occasionally, students go to the Ombud's office to discuss accommodations and other issues surrounding a disability. They work closely with the Disability Resource Center and may be able to assist you.

Discrimination / Sexual Assault / Harassment Support

There may be instances where students perceive that they are being discriminated against or sexually harassed. The Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP) Center works with students, staff, faculty, and community partners toward the mission of eliminating the perpetration of power-based personal violence including sexual assault, partner violence and stalking. The UKCC is also available to provide support to affected students.

Eating / Body Image Support

In our society, almost everyone worries at some time about weight, appearance, body image, and size. However, people with eating disorders develop an exaggerated form of such worries. 

  First Generation Housing (Living Learning Communities)

The First Generation Living Learning Community is a residential experience designed to support first generation students and assist them with their transition from high school into college life at UK.

GLBTQ Student Support

Identifying as LBGTQ does not require treatment, however, counseling can help students address questions and concerns about their sexuality. The UKCC strives to create an atmosphere of openness, trust, and safety where all attitudes, beliefs, values, and behaviors can be openly shared and explored.  The Center takes a stance against discrimination and oppression and can help individuals who have suffered due to negative treatment and lack of acceptance by others.

Intern Abroad

Education Abroad at UK offers dozens of programs through which students can have an international internship.


An internship is a professional-level learning experience in the workplace. It provides an opportunity to apply learning from the classroom in a real situation.

Interviewing and Etiquette

Remember that regardless of how much experience you have, what your GPA is, who you know, or how great your resume appears, if you are not able to interview successfully, you will not get the job.

Leadership Opportunities

The Career Center Ambassadors (CCA) program is designed to provide assistance to the University of Kentucky students and alumni at a peer-to-peer level.

Hall Government and the Resident Student Association

These leadership roles can include involvement in their residence hall government, the Resident Student Association (an umbrella organization for all residence hall governments), or National Residence Hall Honorary, involvement as officers in Greek houses, or involvement in paid student positions such as Assistant Hall Director, Senior R.A., Resident Advisor, or Desk Clerk.

Student Government Association

The University of Kentucky Student Government Association (UKSGA) represents all undergraduate, graduate and professional students enrolled at the University in several critical ways. 

Library Help Desk (The Hub at WT's)

The Hub @ WT's offers many technology and research services for the UK community.

Mentoring / Shadowing Network

The UK Mentoring & Shadowing Network provides an opportunity for UK students and alumni to obtain career guidance from professionals in a variety of industries.

Printing and Copying

Use your PLUS Account to print and make copies at computer labs and libraries.

Research Student Organization

The Society for the Promotion of Undergraduate Research (SPUR) is a Student Organization at the University of Kentucky.


ResNet is a service provided to students living on campus by UK Campus Housing for Internet access and cable television service.

Resumes, Letters, CV

Your resume is a marketing tool created to market you. It may be your first contact with an employer, whether applying for an internship, co-op or job opportunity.


Your enjoyment of residence hall living depends largely on the consideration you and your roommate(s) show each other. If there is one factor that is the most important determinant of roommate success, that factor is communication.

Software Downloads

To access the software, enter a valid email userID (no AD\ or MC\) and password in the login section above and then click the Login button.

Stress & Test Anxiety - The Study

Tests cause stress and anxiety for many college students.

Student Code of Conduct

Review the UK Student Code of Conduct.

Students from Appalachian Coal Counties

The Robinson Scholars Program serves first generation college-bound and college students who have demonstrated the potential to succeed but who might encounter economic, cultural, or institutional impediments to their completion of four-year college degrees.

Students who are first generation, low income, and have a documented disability

Student Support Services has resources available for these students.

Technology Support (IT Service Desk)

The UKIT Service Desk site is here to help customers obtain services, ensure quality of service delivery, and facilitate communications between the customer and IT Staff.

Veterans Issues

The Veterans Resource Center was established to continue that tradition of support by providing UK's military and veteran populations with the service and assistance they deserve.


Through a team of student volunteers and professional staff, programs and services are offered that will afford University of Kentucky students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to use their time and talents to serve others.

Wireless Access

Free and available most places on UK’s campus! Two different wireless networks are offered.

Work Study

The purpose of FWS is to provide students with part-time employment to help meet college costs and, if possible, provide work experience in a related field.