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Beyond the Classroom: Technology

Blackboard Assistance

Blackboard is the learning management system (LMS, sometimes also referred to as a course management system) that has been selected by the University of Kentucky.

Computer Labs

Lab information, locations, hours, and more.

Computer Repair

Repair services for UK Faculty, Staff, & Students.

Computing Hardware Purchases

Students or Faculty/Staff wishing to take advantage of UK's discount pricing

IT Service Desk

UKIT Service Desk staff are located across campus to assist students, faculty, and staff with the use of centralized computing resources, system security and passwords, laptops, and other IT needs.

iTunes U

iTunes U ( provides a way for faculty, staff, and students to stay in touch.

Laptop/Tablet Recommendation

The University of Kentucky strongly recommends that each student purchase a personal laptop computer or equivalent tablet device. A student's program requirements, budget, and preference should be the primary factors in choosing a laptop/tablet. Most laptops on the market will meet basic needs; however, UK offers a few guidelines. A student should also consider the major he or she will be pursuing, as some areas of study may have more stringent requirements than the recommendations listed below.

Library Help Desk (The Hub at WT's)

The Hub @ WT's offers many technology and research services for the UK community.

LinkBlue / Passwords

The University of Kentucky Information Technology created the term "link blue" to define a directory account (user id and password) which can be used when connecting to many campus-wide systems, including myUK, Blackboard and APEX Degree Planner.

Off-Campus Library Access

If you are not on campus and you click on a UK Libraries' web link for any proxy-accessible resource, you will be prompted by EZProxy to enter your AD account name or MC account name and password (or your last name and library barcode will work, too) into the log-in boxes

Printing and Copying

Use your PLUS Account to print and make copies at computer labs and libraries.


ResNet is a service provided to students living on campus by UK Campus Housing for Internet access and cable television service.

Software Downloads

To access the software, enter a valid email userID (no AD\ or MC\) and password in the login section above and then click the Login button.

Student Computing

Resources at UK's Libraries.

Student Email

Learn about student email accounts at UK.

Student Web Server (Electronic File Storage)

Student web spaces and online file storage options.

Technology Support (IT Service Desk)

The UKIT Service Desk site is here to help customers obtain services, ensure quality of service delivery, and facilitate communications between the customer and IT Staff.

Wireless Access

Free and available most places on UK’s campus! Two different wireless networks are offered.