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We would like for you to review our Frequently Asked Questions below before submitting a form.  Please review these carefully -- we have provided answers and/or links to the information.

1. Who is my advisor?  How do I schedule a meeting with my advisor?

2. When can I register? How can I change my schedule?

  • Registration Windows
  • See also myUK/Registration to confirm registration dates and times.
  • Check for “stops” or “holds” on the registration account.  See myUK at myUK/myInfo/myStops and Holds.  If there are any holds on the account, these will need to be removed before you can register for the fall.  For any hold displayed, contact the office listed to find out how to get the hold removed.

3. How do I declare my major?

4. Where do I request a transcript?

5. Who is my financial aid counselor?

6. Where can I find out about scholarships at UK? 

7. What tutoring or academic services are available?

8. Where do I buy my books?

  • You can buy books at the UK Bookstore. There are also book stores around campus that have UK specific textbooks. It is highly recommended that you speak with your professor to be certain of edition numbers, etc., if you plan to purchase textbooks online. 

9. How can I find out about student organizations and getting involved?

10. Where can I receive career counseling?

11. My child has a disability. Whom do I contact about services for my child?

Students may register with the Disability Resource Center at any time by the following methods:

  • Schedule a meeting to discuss documentation and accommodation needs;
  • Bring in medical or psychological documentation to support your disability;
  • Complete a registration form.

Many students register during their Summer Advising Conference before their freshman year. It is recommended that students register early. However‚ students are welcome to come in and register at any time. Additionally, their website has resource information available here.


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