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Education Advisory Board

The Education Advisory Board (EAB) is one of the newest resources at the disposal of UK faculty and staff. The EAB provides best practice research and practical advice to leaders of academic affairs, business affairs, student affairs, continuing, online, and professional education, and community colleges across North America.

How does it work?

Over 450 universities and colleges have a subscription to this service. It is a useful resource to have exploring exisiting research, but another benefit the subscription is the ability to generate our study. For instance, if a study hasn't been conducted about the best practices for recruiting Chinese students, we can submit a research question to the EAB and they will do the research for us. The possibilities are endless. Once the research is complete, the study will be provided to all participating schools in the study.  The information gained will help guide our efforts to make informed decisions in matters effecting retention and student success. The university is allowed to have two studies of our own conducted at a particular time, but in the meanwhile, we have full access to studies already completed.

If you or your unit decide that you would like to submit a potential research study to the EAB, please contact Dr. O'Hair for more information. Keep in mind all participating schools remain anonymous throughout the study.

Ready to submit your research idea or get more information?

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