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Financial Success

Academic Scholarships

The University of Kentucky Academic Scholarship Programs offers funds to outstanding students who demonstrate the potential for superior academic performance.

Awards & Scholarships (Honors)

Scholarships offered through the Honors program.

  First Generation Scholarships (First Scholars)

First Scholars addresses the unique challenges of students who are the first in their families to attend college and supports them as they obtain a degree.

Grants & Scholarships (Undergraduate Research)

There are a number of grants and scholarship opportunities available through the Office for Undergraduate Research.

How aid credits your account

Loan Counseling & disbursement information.

Reasonable Academic Progress (RAP)

In order to be eligible to receive the financial aid, a returning student is required to have met certain standards of satisfactory academic progress during his or her previous UK attendance.

Robinson Scholars

The Robinson Scholars Program serves first generation college-bound and college students who have demonstrated the potential to succeed but who might encounter economic, cultural, or institutional impediments to their completion of four-year college degrees.

Scholarship Search Tool

The Searchable Scholarship Tool is a searchable database of institutional undergraduate scholarships awarded by the University of Kentucky.

Work Study

The purpose of FWS is to provide students with part-time employment to help meet college costs and, if possible, provide work experience in a related field.