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Graduate Students: Academic Resources

Directors of Graduate Studies

A list of the Directors of Graduate studies, and their contact information can be found here.

Graduate Application for Admission

All applications for graduate study at the University of Kentucky Graduate School must be submitted on-line. We are now part of the Hobsons ApplyYourself Application Network, a system used by over 700 colleges and universities that provides an opportunity to submit all Graduate School and program requirements in one application including letters of recommendation.

Graduate Centers

You can find the centers housed in the Graduate School and degree programs offered here. 

Graduate Certificate in College Teaching and Learning

The Graduate Certificate in College Teaching and Learning provides a coherent, integrated approach to helping graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, current faculty, and others develop and document the skills needed as part of conscientious preparation for the full range of faculty responsibilities at a range of institutions of higher education. The Certificate will produce graduates who are highly competitive in the job market in higher education, are quick starters as faculty members, and who can provide leadership in higher education.

Graduate Degree Certification Officers

Use the table below to find your Graduate Degree Certification Officer.

Graduate Degree Programs

The following is a listing of the graduate degree programs at the University of Kentucky. You will need to choose one of the programs below when completing the application form. Click on the links to see further information about the programs and colleges highlighted. Unless indicated otherwise, both Master's and Ph.D. programs are offered.

Graduate School - Dissertation Defense Information

You can find information on dissertation defenses here. 

Graduate School Bulletin

Shows the current graduate school bulletin and the graduate school bulletins that have been archieved.

Graduate School Calendar

You can find a calendar with important graduate school dates here. 

Graduate School Directory Search

Use the search engine below to find anyone in the University of Kentucky's Graduate School directory.

Graduate School Doctoral Degree Candidate Forms

In addition to coursework and research, there are several important issues that must be addressed in order to complete all requirements for your doctoral degree. This will involve the submission of a number of forms to the Graduate School, many at very specific time points. After logging in to your personal page through the link below, you will be able to complete and submit the required forms on-line.

Graduate School Forms

Forms in regards to graduate students, as well as faculty and staff can be found here. For students, the forms include: admissions to special programs, international applicants, registration, students in Master's/ specialists programs, commencement, students in Docteral programs, student insurance, college teaching and learning certificate, and electronic theses and dissertations forms (ETD's). For faculty and staff, the forms include: graduate faculty appointment request, teaching assistant, directors of graduate studies, graduate certificate directors, and post- doctoral forms.

Graduate School Login Page - Seeblue

Use this to login and access your graduate school information. 

Graduate School Masters/ Specialist Degree Forms

You can complete and submit the required Master's/ Specialist forms here. 

Graduate School Preparation of Theses and Dissertations

At the University of Kentucky, Master's degrees require the completion of a thesis. Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Education degrees require the completion of a dissertation. The Doctor of Musical Arts degree requires the completion of a project. This work reflects the quality of the program that supervises the student and the university that awards the degree.

Graduate Student Fellowships

Fellowships are available in all areas of graduate work and the majority carry a tuition scholarship as well as a stipend. Duration may be from one to three years, depending on fellowship type. While fellowships are formally awarded by the Graduate School, nominations for most fellowships are made by the department in which a student seeks to enroll.

LinkBlue / Passwords

The University of Kentucky Information Technology created the term "link blue" to define a directory account (user id and password) which can be used when connecting to many campus-wide systems, including myUK, Blackboard and APEX Degree Planner.


The Registration Office coordinates registration for all undergraduate and graduate students at UK.

Resources & Activities for Graduate Teaching Assistants

Information and resources to help aid graduate teaching assistants (TA's) is provided here.

Schedule of Classes

View the current schedule of classes through myUK.

Table of Graduate Admissions Officers

Use the table below to find your Graduate Admissions Officer.

Transfer Equivalency Database

Search the database for equivalencies.