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Graduate Students: Personal Resources

Behavioral Health

Medication evaluations for behavioral health disorders are conducted through University Health Services.  Talk therapy and counseling for behavioral health problems is available through the UK Counseling Center.  UKCC and UHS frequently collaborate to integrate care of students struggling with psychological concerns

Blind / Visual Impairments

The DRC provides a variety of services to students who are blind or visually impaired.

Campus Accessibility [map]

The purpose of this map is to provide information about accessibility features of UK campus buildings, the best routes between buildings, and accessible parking locations. Building information pages provide more information about accessible features inside UK buildings, and are compatible with screen readers.

Campus Events Calendar

Events published through UKNow.

Campus Housing Policies

Policies regarding living on campus.

Career and Major Exploration

In today's workplace, you're not limited to just a handful of careers by your major. As you'll discover at the Career Center, any major naturally lends itself to dozens of fields and possible careers.  The UK Counseling Center offers assistance with career decision-making which may be particularly helpful for those whose process is complicated by anxiety, global indecisiveness, family pressures, low self-confidence, and challenges joining selective-admission programs.

Communication Disorders

The educational impact of communication disorders often includes difficulty with attending to lectures‚ taking notes‚ organizing and sequencing presentations‚ public speaking‚ and processing speed.

Counseling for Student with Disabilities

 The Disability Resource Center is the best first point of contact for students with a disability or a disability-related concern. The University of Kentucky Counseling Center: Consultation and Psychological Services offers individual and group counseling for students regardless of disability for personal growth, psychological concerns (related to the disability or not), career indecision, identity issues, substance abuse, and other concerns as long as Center services are able to meet the needs of the individual.

Cultural Issues - Administrative Support

There may be instances where students perceive that they are being discriminated against or sexually harassed. If you want to discuss either of these issues administratively, you should contact either Patty Bender or Terry Allen in the Office of Institutional Equity and Equal Opportunity.  The UK Counseling Center and VIP serve as resources for students struggling with the emotional fall-out resulting from discrimination or harassment.

Deaf / Hard of Hearing

The DRC provides reasonable accommodations for students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Accommodations may include‚ but are not necessarily limited to: Priority Registration; note taking assistance; sign language or oral interpreters; notification of faculty regarding use of fm systems and in-class accommodations.

Disability Accommodations (Complaints and appeals form. LinkBlue ID and password are required).

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Drugs (Complaints and appeals form. LinkBlue ID and password required).

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Finding a Job

Job searching is a multi-step process that can take some time. The average job search takes 3-6 months! That's why it's important to use your time as wisely as you can and to be targeted in your job search strategies. 

Graduate Information for Teaching Assistant Coordinators/Developers

Information regarding Teaching Assistants orientation, and resources for TA coordinators/developers can be found here.

Graduate Preparing Future Faculty Program

The University of Kentucky's Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) Program is part of the national PFF initiative begun in the 1990s. Its purpose is to provide professional development guidance to graduate students who wish to explore or pursue a faculty career at one of the types of institutions of higher education (research universities, regional comprehensive universities, independent universities and colleges, community colleges, or for-profit universities). The overall focus is on readiness for the dynamics of faculty work in the areas of research, teaching, and service. The program emphasizes discovering individual fit and matching it with institutional fit (the workplace's mission, expectations, culture, etc). 

Graduate School Assistantship

An assistantship is an appointment to specified teaching or research duties. Over 1,500 teaching or research assistantships are available from departments and other units of the university. In addition to an assistantship stipend, full or partial tuition scholarships are available for most assistantship holders.

Graduate School Calendar

You can find a calendar with important graduate school dates here. 

Graduate School Contact Information

The contact information for the University of Kentucky's Graduate School can be found here. 

Graduate School Diversity

Our Graduate School is committed to fostering and perpetuating a safe, supportive and nurturing scholarly environment that honors and respects people with varied human characteristics, ideas and world views.

Graduate School Login Page - Seeblue

Use this to login and access your graduate school information. 

Graduate School Prospective Students

The University of Kentucky offers advanced study in 90 program areas awarding doctoral degrees in 61 fields, master's degrees in 120 fields, and 5 specialist degrees. Currently, more than 5,800 graduate students per year are enrolled in these degree programs and other advanced study programs which are centrally administered by the Graduate School.

Graduate School Questions

Welcome to the UK Graduate School's Automatic Answer page! Please type a question or key words to get an instantaneous answer.

Graduate School Request for more Information 

We appreciate your interest in The University of Kentucky Graduate School and want to learn more about you to serve you better. Please answer the questions on this page to allow us to customize our communications with you. All questions marked with an asterisk(*) are required.

Graduate School Staff Directory

You can find the Graduate School staff directory, and contact information here. 

Graduate Student Congress 

To unify and represent the graduate student body at the University of Kentucky in matters affecting the quality of graduate student life and work and to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration and promote professional development for graduate students through seminars, forums, and social functions.

Graduate Student Listserv

The Graduate School wants to keep you abreast of professional development, fellowships, awards, recognition opportunities and more. UKGRADSTUANNOUNCE-L is an electronic distribution list designed to connect UK graduate and postdoctoral students with timely and relevant resources. All Graduate and Postdoctoral students are encouraged to subscribe to this list.

Graduate Student Resources

Resources that provide general and important information for graduate students can be found here. 

Health Insurance Coverage for Graduate Students

Health insurance coverage for graduate students can be found here.

Identity Theft / Security Matters

There are some common myths that may influence your online security practices. Knowing the truth will allow you to make better decisions about how to protect yourself.

Immigration, Visas, and Related Issues

International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) in the Office of International Affairs, located in Bradley Hall, provides information and assistance regarding immigration matters related to the University of Kentucky.

International Student and Scholar Services

ISSS provides leadership and expertise in the advising and immigration needs of more than 1,600 international students, 325 international faculty and staff, and 250 exchange visitors.

IT Service Desk

UKIT Service Desk staff are located across campus to assist students, faculty, and staff with the use of centralized computing resources, system security and passwords, laptops, and other IT needs.

iTunes U

iTunes U ( provides a way for faculty, staff, and students to stay in touch.

Learning Disabilities

It is recommended that students with learning disabilities who are preparing to enter UK register with the Disability Resource Center (DRC) soon after acceptance.

Living Learning Program

The Living Learning Program at the University of Kentucky recognizes that college students learn both in and out of the classroom.

Mobility & Physical Impairments

The Disability Resource Center offers and coordinates a variety of services for students with physical disabilities

Neurological Disorders

College students with neurological disorders present with a number of different individual needs for strategies and accommodations.

Off Campus Housing

The Office of Off-Campus Student Services (OCSS) is here to help you navigate the challenges and issues that accompany living off campus.

Off Campus Student Services

The Office of Off-Campus Student Services (OCSS) is here to help you navigate the challenges and issues that accompany living off campus.

Off-Campus Library Access

If you are not on campus and you click on a UK Libraries' web link for any proxy-accessible resource, you will be prompted by EZProxy to enter your AD account name or MC account name and password (or your last name and library barcode will work, too) into the log-in boxes

Parking & Transportation

Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) is committed to serving the campus community through responsive, sustainable and reliable access to infrastructure and mobility solutions at the University.  Use this page to access the complaints & appeals section of their website.

Parking & Transportation

A parking permit shall be defined as any device issued by Parking & Transportation Services and/or authorized personnel that allows the approved user access to park in a specific parking lot, zone, or area on the University of Kentucky campus.

Plus Account

The Plus Account is a debit program for University of Kentucky students, faculty, and staff, and Bluegrass Community & Technical College students.


The University of Kentucky Police Department's mission is to promote a safe and secure campus environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors at the University.

Professional Enhancement Opportunities for Graduate Students

Tools and events to help enhancement professional opportunities for graduate students can be found here.

Psychological Disorders - Accommodations

College students with psychological disorders have a variety of different individual needs for strategies and accommodations.

Psychological Disorders - Counseling

The University of Kentucky Counseling Center: Consultation and Psychological Services (UKCC), provides confidential psychological counseling to currently enrolled UK students and consultation services to currently enrolled UK students, UK faculty and staff, and caregivers.

Rape (VIP Center)

The Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP) Center works with students, staff, faculty, and community partners toward the mission of eliminating the perpetration of power-based personal violence including sexual assault, partner violence and stalking.

Residence Life

Residence Life manages on-campus housing for undergraduates and supports students in their academic and personal goals.  It oversees the assignments process, hires and supervises the staff members who live in the residence halls, coordinates the Living Learning programs, helps maintain safe, secure, and inclusive environments, provides leadership development and involvement opportunities, and supports students’ academic efforts by keeping in touch with their progress and connecting them with out-of-classroom resources.


Brochures on a number of topics from the Counseling Center.

Sexual Harassment (Complaints and appeals form. LinkBlue ID and password required).

Please fill out this form completely, and your submission will be routed to the correct department.

STEPS Temporary Employment

Temporary employment opportunities at UK.

Stress & Test Anxiety - Counseling

UKCC can help students manage the underlying anxiety related to test-taking, and also provides workshops on stress management.

Student Computing

Resources at UK's Libraries.

Student Email

Learn about student email accounts at UK.

Student Employment

Explore the resource for student employment at UK.

Student Health Care

A listing of services provided under the university health fee.

Student Organizations & Clubs

Find out about student organizations and clubs at the Office for Student Involvement.

Student Pharmacy

Pharmacy resource for students.

Student Rights & Responsibilities (Complaints and appeals form. LinkBlue ID and password is required)

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Suicide Prevention

Any fee-paying student enrolled in at least 6 credit hours is eligible for an initial intake appointment for psychological services at the UKCC.  Free consultations are available by phone (257.8701) to anyone concerned about a member of the UK community.  UKCC also provides QPR gatekeeper suicide prevention trainings.

Theft  (Complaints and appeals form. LinkBlue ID and password is required)

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Threats  (Complaints and appeals form. LinkBlue ID and password is required)

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Tobacco / Smoking Cessation

Your primary resource for smoking cessation is University Health Services.  In addition, the Counseling Center offers assistance with smoking cessation.

UK Board of Appeals

Questions and Answers about theUniversity Appeals Board and the Appeal Process at UK.

University Appeals Board

Learn more about this board.

Vaccinations and Compliance

Learn about vaccinations and compliance at University Health Services.

Violence (Complaints and appeals form. LinkBlue ID and password is required)

Fill out the form completely, and it will be directed to the appropriate department.