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Publications from the Education Advisory Board

Engaging Faculty in Online Education [PDF]

SUMMARY: Colleges and universities of all types are pursuing increasingly ambitious goals for online education for a range of reasons—enhancing learning, increasing access, growing enrollment, managing costs. However, concerns about workload, support resources, autonomy, and course quality leave many faculty skeptical of online instruction, and most institutions expanding online offerings are struggling to get sufficient numbers of faculty both willing and prepared to teach online.

Measuring and Improving Online Student Retention [PDF]

SUMMARY: Online students frequently stop-out or transition out of programs because of financial strain or commitments to their families and jobs; consequently, measuring online student retention is particularly challenging.  This brief examines timelines against which institutions compare enrollment data when deriving retention rates.

Developing and Implementing Intellectual Property Policies for Online Courses [PDF]

SUMMARY: As universities increasingly develop online courses, one issue that has surfaced is “who owns” the intellectual property rights for online content that was created with assistance from both faculty members and central university resources.  This research brief profiles the intellectual property rights policies of six institutions.  Topics addressed include creating an intellectual property rights policy for online courses, constituencies involved in policy implementation, and the impact of faculty unions on intellectual property agreements for online content.