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Campus Retention Advisory Committee

The Campus Retention Advisory Committee (CRA) advises central campus leadership in the design, implementation, and assessment of strategies and programs that improve student academic success, retention, and graduation.  Comprised of representatives from the academic colleges, Enrollment Management, Student Affairs, Undergraduate Education, and UKAT, the charge of this committee includes:

  • Establish and review current retention and graduation rate data of students at the University of Kentucky;
  • Share information about current student success programs, activities, and assessment initiatives occurring on campus;
  • identify practices and outstanding student success programs and at other institutions and considers their application potential at UK;
  • advise the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education concerning ways to create a campus culture that fosters student success by increasing student learning, success, satisfaction and persistence at UK; and,
  • Share and communicate campus retention and student success activities, including a yearly report.

In Spring 2014, the Campus Retention Advisory Committee collaborated with UKAT and Undergraduate Education in completing the following tasks:

  • Enrollment and Retention Dashboards
  • Retention Prediction Model
  • Benchmark and Peer Data Comparison & Best Practices

The committee has also identified three areas to begin/continue work on immediately, with an eye toward improvements for Fall 2014:

  • College Retention Strategies (electronic process of identification, compilation, and monitoring) tied to the UK and College Strategic Plans
  • Major selection for first-time freshmen, including advising and career exploration
  • Expansion of “The 300”:  Model of Student Outreach and Intervention

Looking forward to the academic years 2014-15 and 2015-16, the Campus Retention Advisory Committee has selected four areas in which to concentrate their efforts (listed below).  These recommendations have been shared with the Provost for her input and approval.  During the summer, the committee will further explore these topics, examining the desired goals, advantages, challenges, resources, and project timelines.

2014-15:  1) First-Year Experience; 2) Gatekeeper & Bottleneck Courses

2015 -16: 1) Student Resource and/or Success Center; 2) Program Admission Standards

Membership of the Campus Retention Advisory Committee includes:

Quentin Tyler College of Agriculture
Jesse Hedge College of Arts & Sciences
Marianne Young College of Business & Economics
Derek Lane College of Communication & Information
Kevin Flora College of Education
Willis Jones College of Education
Kim Anderson College of Engineering
Randa Remer College of Health Sciences
Kristin Ashford College of Nursing
Michelle Nordin Enrollment Management
Justin Blevins Student Affairs
Becky Jordan Student Affairs
Rhonda Strouse Student Affairs
Craig Rudick UKAT
Roger Sugarman UKAT
Bethany Miller Undergraduate Education
Chris Thuringer Undergraduate Education
Ben Withers Undergraduate Education