Drs. Tom Dziubla and Kelly Pennell were honored during the University of Kentucky College of Engineering's Awards Banquet.  The banquet was sponsored by Tau Beta Pi and was held on Wednesday, April 12, 2017. Dr. Kelly Pennell was tied for first place for Outstanding Teacher in Civil Engineering with Dr. Gabriel Dadi.  Dr. Tom Dziubla was recognized as the Tau Beta Pi Outstanding Teacher.  A full list of awardees is provided below.  The faculty and staff of the Superfund Research Center would like to congratulate Drs. Dziubla and Pennell on their recognition.


Faculty and Staff Award Recipients

  *   Outstanding Teacher in Biomedical Engineering:  Dr. Babak Bazrgari
  *   Outstanding Teacher in Biosystems Engineering:  Dr. Czarena Crofcheck
  *   Outstanding Teacher in Chemical Engineering:  Dr. Sarah Wilson
  *   Outstanding Teacher in Civil Engineering:  Dr. Gabriel Dadi & Dr. Kelly Pennell (tie)
  *   Outstanding Teacher in Computer Science:  Dr. Raphael Finkel
  *   Outstanding Teacher in Electrical and Computer Engineering:  Dr. Jeff Ashley
  *   Outstanding Teacher in Materials Engineering:  Dr. John Balk
  *   Outstanding Teacher in Mechanical Engineering - Dr. Scott Stephens
  *   Outstanding Teacher in Mining Engineering:  Dr. Zach Agioutantis
  *   Outstanding Teacher in Paducah - Chemical Engineering:  Dr. Jeff Seay
  *   Outstanding Teacher in Paducah - Mechanical Engineering:  Dr. Jack Maddox
  *   Tau Beta Pi Outstanding Teacher Award:  Dr. Tom Dziubla
  *   Tau Beta Pi Outstanding Staff Award:  Ms. Nancy Miller
  *   Tau Beta Pi Dr. Bruce L. Walcott Most Outstanding Service Award:  Dr. Suzanne Smith
  *   Lutes Award for Outstanding Teaching:  Dr. Czarena Crofcheck