Professor of The Month

The Study collaborates with academic departments across campus in order to provide accurate and high quality tutoring to students.  Many wonderful faculty and staff dedicate their time and effort to supporting The Study's mission of enhancing students' academic experience as early and often as possible.  The Study's Professor of The Month (POTM) program is one small way we can recognize a few of our valued partners.

October 2018 Professor of The Month:  Dr. Nathan Druivenga, Lecturer in Mathematics 

When you think of October, you might think of fall weather or Halloween, but over at The Study we’re choosing to think about our newest ‘Professor of the Month’.

October’s Professor of the Month is Nathan Druivenga who works in UK’s mathematics department. But while he teaches both MA 162 and MA 123, Druivenga says he always likes to keep in mind that he was once a student too. “I get to teach a lot of people. I teach about 1,300 people a year… and I think it’s really important the students deal with somebody who can see where they’re coming from,” Druivenga said. “If you put the wrong person in front of a freshman, you can really shy them away from math.”

Druivenga said he empathizes with the freshmen taking his courses during their first semester in college, because he was just as nervous on his first day of teaching.  “It was a little nerve wracking, but it’s probably just as nerve wracking for them as freshmen. I managed to get through it without my hands shaking too much,” Druivenga said.

Druivenga currently serves as the course director for MA 162, and will transition to serve in a larger role as the MA 123 course director next year. While he says he’s excited to take on the challenge, he’ll be sad to cut back on his teaching. “One negative is that I’m not going to be seeing as many students, because I’ll be busier, but one positive is that I’ll have more effect on what kind of questions and what kind of material we cover,” Druivenga said.

Over his three years teaching at UK, Druivenga says that he’s met loads of great students, made a lot of memories and even came out with a few gifts too. He says among other things, at the ends of semesters his students have given him things like coffee mugs, notebooks and even an Eagle Scout badge as parting gifts. But he says this perk isn’t why he continues to teach. “It’s not the gifts…although I appreciate them. It’s that I’ve made a big enough impact on them that they care enough to come talk to me and go out of their way to say goodbye,” Druivenga said.

While he isn’t teaching or hanging out in his corner office in Patterson Office Tower, Druivenga says that he enjoys to play frisbee golf and take care of his two-year-old son.  Because he teaches every morning at 8 a.m., Druivenga says balancing his job with having a toddler can be pretty tough.  “Basically he just keeps me up late and wakes me up early,” said Druivenga. But it seems like Druivenga has already found a solution for that problem.  “Coffee, coffee, coffee – it has to happen,” he said.

All of the staff over at The Study want to thank Professor Druivenga for all of his hard work and for assisting us in all that we do for our Wildcats. We hope you can put your newest coffee mug to good use!


Previous Professor of The Month honorees:

  • September, 2018: Dr. Maxwell Ankrah, Academic Coordinator in Physics & Astronomy
  • April, 2018: Dr. Rob Denomme, Lecturer in Mathematics
  • February, 2018: Dr. Pete Mirabito, Associate Professor in Biology


Tutor of The Week

The Study has over 130 amazing tutors on staff and every week we highlight one.  These tutors go above and beyond to support student academic success here at UK.

November 4th - November 8th: Tucker is an organic chemistry tutor and he does a great job of providing his tutees with a variety of resources, such as molecular model kits, textbooks, and white boards! Tucker was also a huge help in piloting The Study's first Common Hour Review for CHE 230 and always facilitates productive group tutoring sessions!



November 11th - November 15th: Lauren really cares about her MA 110 tutees, asking thoughtful questions that make her tutees more prepared for their exams! She also consistently goes above and beyond by staying late in order to make sure that her tutees are able finish their homework.


November 18th - November 22nd:  Thanksgiving Break!


November 25th - November 29th: Ben is a calculus 113 and 114 tutor! Ben comes in every day with a smile on his face and an eagerness to prepare students in any way he can. Even with finals round the corner, he makes sure to spread positivity and motivation at The Study!