Bicycle E-Newsletter - May 14, 2015

University of Kentucky Parking and Transportation Services: Bike E-newsletter
May 14, 2015

Take Part in National Bike to Work Day May 15

May is National Bike Month. If you haven’t taken advantage yet of the many great activities going on with Bike Lexington, now is the perfect time to get started; National Bike to Work Day is slated for Friday, May 15. According to the League of American Bicyclists, Lexington has more than doubled its bike commuter share since 2000.

Do you have hesitations about biking to work? Parking and Transportation Services has compiled a list of resources to help address common concerns.

I don’t know how to plan my route. Which roads have bike lanes?

Review the Lexington Bike Map and the UK Bike Facilities Map (PDF) in selecting your route. You may also consider using interactive online maps, such as Google Maps and

I don’t feel comfortable bike commuting because I feel that the roads are unsafe.

Cyclists and motorists have the same rights, rules and responsibilities on most Kentucky roads. Follow the guidelines from the state Share the Road campaign. Review the UK Bicycling Advisory Committee’s Bicycling Basics guide (PDF) for a how-to guide on navigating campus on bike. If you don’t feel confident in your abilities, consider taking a bicycle commuting class before embarking on a bike commute or consider planning a route that avoids heavily trafficked roads.

I don’t know where bike parking is located, or the existing bike parking is inconvenient.

Check out the UK Bike Facilities Map (PDF) to find the racks closest to your destination. If you see a need for more or upgraded bike parking, please submit a Bike Parking Request Form (PDF).

I’d like to bike to work, but I live too far away.

If it is not feasible for you to bike commute the entire way, consider combining mass transit and biking. All Lextran buses are equipped with a bike rack.

I have to dress up for work, so I don’t think bike commuting would work for me.

Bike commuting is generally at an easy pace, so you don’t need to worry about getting sweaty. However, you may consider packing your clothes with you or keeping multiple sets of work clothes at the office.

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