Frequently Asked Questions

Transportation Services hears many of the same questions again and again, so this web page has been developed to allow visitors to read common questions others have asked with their respective answers. If your question isn't found here, please contact us.

General Questions - Questions that are general or don't fit into another category

Citation and Enforcement Questions - Questions to explain Transportation Services' enforcement policies

2018-2019 Transportation Options Questions - Questions related to the 2018-2019 student and employee transportation options

Permit Questions - Questions related to application, use, and termination of a parking permit

Bus Questions - Questions about the UK bus system

BluPass Questions - Questions about the BluPass program

Bike Questions - Questions about bicycle regulations and registration

Bicycle Voucher Questions - Questions about the bicycle voucher program

Big Blue Cycles Questions - Questions about the Big Blue Cycles program

Cash Out Questions - Questions about the cash out incentive program