Scratch-Off Permits

Single-Use "Scratch-Off" Permits

Visitors to campus and employees and students who do not possess a regular parking permit are eligible to purchase single-use "scratch-off" permits.

Scratch-off permits are one day passes. The front of the permit looks like a scratch-off lottery ticket, in that the user scratches off the day, month and year when it will be used.

Scratch-off permits are $3.50, which makes them only cost-effective for those who drive to campus fewer than three days per week.

Scratch-off permits are only valid in non-gated surface lots and structures. The parking area in which they are valid will vary based on user type. Scratch-off permits must be displayed from the rearview mirror or on the driver’s side of the dashboard in plain sight.

Scratch-off permits may be purchased online, or in person at the main Transportation Services office in the Press Avenue Garage, at the South Limestone Garage satellite office or at the UK HealthCare Parking Garage Satellite Office.