UK Student Parking Options

UK Student Permit Fees & Options

Fee schedule and parking permit options for University of Kentucky students

Fee Schedule for 2018-2019 Academic Year

Permit Type Cost Per Year
Commuter (C) $296.00
Residential (R) $448.00
Periphery (K)** $272.00
Remote (X or R19)** $148.00
E-Academic* $296.00
ADA Accessible $296.00
Periphery (K) ADA Accessible $272.00
Off-Peak (Evening)** $148.00
Motorcycle/Motor Scooter*** $88.00
Donovan Scholar $296.00
Limited $56.00
Summer $9.00 per week

*Only valid August - May. Restricted to graduate students with positions as graduate assistants, research assistants or teaching assistants, or with fellowships.
** Single semester permits are available.
*** Students who require a motorcycle or motor scooter permit in addition to their vehicle permit should contact Transportation Services directly after purchasing their permit. Motorcycle/motor scooter permits may be purchased separately at the monthly rate of $11.

Commuter Permit Options by Parking Lot

Must have at least 60 earned credit hours and live at least one (1) mile from campus.
CK University Drive South of E. S. Good Barn (Medical and Dental students only)
C5 South Limestone Garage (PS #5)
C9 Taylor Dickey Lot, Scott Street Lot, Reynolds Lot and Comers Lot

Resident Permit Options by Parking Lot

Must have a UK on-campus residence hall contract (Housing assignment will dictate eligibility for parking area).
Rose Street Garage
Baldwin, Blazer, Boyd, Donovan, Haggin, Holmes, Ingels, Jewell, Johnson, Lewis, Roselle, Smith, University Flats, Chellgren and Woodland Glen II - V
Sports Center Garage and Complex Drive
Baldwin, Donovan, Haggin, Ingels, Johnson, Lewis, Smith, University Flats, Chellgren and Woodland Glen II - V
Alpha Phi Lot
assigned by Fraternity and Sorority Life Office
Rose Lane Lot
assigned by Fraternity and Sorority Life Office
assigned by Fraternity and Sorority Life Office
Columbia Terrace area
assigned by Fraternity and Sorority Life Office
R17 Wildcat Coal Lodge
R18 German House
R19 Greg Page Apartments and Shawneetown
Mandrell Hal)
Blazer, Boyd, Holmes, Jewell and Roselle; Seminary Apartments
R30 Seminary Townhomes

Other Options

Students not eligible for other permits or students only needing limited parking.
Periphery (K) Kroger Field "K" areas
Remote (X or R19) Any of the Greg Page and Shawneetown parking areas, excluding the Greg Page Overflow Lot
Off-Peak (map) Designated lots after 3:30 p.m. Monday - Friday
Limited University Drive Garage (PS #1), across University Drive from Seaton/Johnson Center, from 5:00 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. and after 3:30 p.m. Monday - Friday

K Lots at Kroger Field

All C and R permits are also valid in the K Lots at Kroger Field. Vehicles must be relocated on days of home football games. Visit the Football Game Day Parking page for more information and a map.

Remote Parking (X Permits)

This parking option is limited to students with housing assignments in Greg Page and Shawneetown in addition to 200 on-campus residential students with housing assignments for all other residential facilities. In addition to accommodating parking needs for the residents of south campus graduate and family housing areas, remote parking may be an ideal option for other on-campus residents who infrequently utilize their automobile or who are seeking a cheaper campus parking alternative. Remote parking is served by the Green Route connector shuttle, which provides access to campus via a bus transfer to the Blue and White routes.

ADA Accessible Parking

ADA accessible permits are valid in any legal parking space in any E, C, K and EK lot not otherwise restricted by special signs or curb paint. ADA accessible permits are not valid in reserved lots, service areas or on blue, yellow and red-painted curbs. Note: ADA accessible permits are not authorized to park R or Core Lots unless parking in a designated ADA accessible space.

Motorcycle/Motor Scooter Parking

If you drive a motorcycle/motor scooter to campus, you must obtain and display a motorcycle/motor scooter permit. Motorcycle/motor scooter parking is limited to spaces with green lines or "motorcycle only" parking signs. For a map of motorcycle/motor scooter spaces, please go to the parking maps page.