Personalized Learning

The Adaptive & Personalized Learning Integrating High Speed Analytics Program is designed to enhance UK's research enterprise by assisting investigators in accelerating their research programs related to learning and information technology. With the availability of high speed analytics, real-time computation can be performed while learners interact with learning systems over the internet. In the past decade, the educational technology sector has produced several examples of adaptive learning environments that match learning concepts to the learner’s skill levels and needs. This program is to encourage the application of cognitive and non-cognitive models for individualized learning using current adaptive learning methods or tools. Prior research on adaptive learning has shown that individual differences in learner cognitive abilities (e.g., working memory, reasoning, visualization and verbal skills) and non-cognitive factors (e.g., confidence, motivation, effort, self-efficacy, need for sensation, cognitive reflection) can both influence learning. A program goal is to support faculty developing methods for measurably and sustainably improving instructional delivery and learning outcomes for UK undergraduate courses in all content areas.

No further awards for Personalized Learning initiatives are planned.  

The program supports the following:

  • Development of a working prototype of an adaptive learning object that leverages highspeed or in-memory analytics (software and systems which facilitate learning via personalized instruction)
  • Research that explores how cognitive and/or non-cognitive factors affect learning with instructional technologies or adaptive learning components
  • Customization of an existing online learning tool or platform to further enhance personalized instruction

Personalized Learning Awardee

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