Personalized Learning Awardee

Sujin Kim
Project: An Effectiveness Study of a Personalized Learning Platform for Health Informatics Instruction
Award: $15,000.00
Start Date: 7/1/2013
End Date: 6/30/2014

Final Report

Empowering consumers in their abilities to create, seek, retrieve, organize, disseminate, and validate online information is increasingly important for making informed (healthcare) decisions. However, instructional efforts to advance informatics competency have not been productive for the past years. With this context, this project is to assess the effectiveness of a self-administered, interactive learning platform that will promote customized learning depending on learners' skills, knowledge, and behavioral /attitudinal abilities. The learners' abilities will be measured through a self-administered informatics competency scale for adoption in their interactive learning module. For a pilot-testing , the project will test the learning platform with undergraduate students who are interested i n health informatics education (e.g, IS404: Health Informatics or/and LIS/CJT639: Introduction to Biomedical Informatics). The learning platform will be developed by customizing and hyperlinking existing informatics tools and applications that are accompanied with a list of easily adaptable and interactive tutorials, review quizzes, online discussions, and learning logs and feedback to facilitate interactive learning. Expected outcomes include: (1) a self-administered informatics assessment scale, (2) online portal containing individual learning materials, and (3) assessment of the tool 's effectiveness in health informatics education. Data collected from this study will be used to apply for extramural grants (e.g., PAR-1 3-082) that com pare "computational thinking" of diverse student populations whose backgrounds differ in terms of their educational goals, domain knowledge, and behavioral/attitudinal characteristics. The learning platform will be easily applicable to non-healthcare fields, if test-data are driven from other subject domains.

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