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Looking for Help? Please contact the UKAT Service Desk at 859-218-HELP (4357) for fastest service!
Academic Technology Contact Information
Name Area Phone Email Room #
Patsy Carruthers ATG Director 7‑8110 117B Hardymon
Kelley Cruse eLearning Manager 7‑9898 518F King
Sarah Asher eLearning 7‑8239 518G King
Jackie Briscoe eLearning 7‑3010 518H King
Alex Cutadean eLearning 7‑4052 518G King
Buddy Hall eLearning 7‑9046 206 McVey
Frank Johnson eLearning 7‑9340 206 McVey
Galen Stone eLearning 7‑8218 518K King
Constance Baird Distance Learning Programs Director 7‑8135 205 UKFCU
Legal & Policy Associate Distance Learning Programs      
Rex Stidham Learning Spaces Technologies
(A/V Services and SCS)
7‑5222 218 McVey
  For AV Services staff listing, please visit
For SCS staff listing, please visit
Brett McDaniel Special Projects, eLearning 7‑8263 518H King
Tom Dolan Academic Multimedia Manager 7‑5423 612 CON
Matt Hazzard Academic Multimedia 7‑5435 612 CON
Robin Jones Academic Multimedia 7‑5441 612 CON
Jason Ullstam Academic Multimedia 7‑4707 613A CON
Kirk Laird Academic Multimedia / Media Depot 7‑8215 B67 WTYL
  • ATG stands for Academic Technology Group
  • SCS stands for Student Computing Services


859-218-HELP (859-218-4357)