Adobe Captivate 7

What's new with Adobe Captivate 7 (Video)

Who is eligible? Only current, University of Kentucky, faculty and staff (regular FTE)

Training classes from UK Human Resources

Adobe Captivate 7 Installation instructions


Step 1: Search for "Adobe Education Agreement" from the Download Server. (needs Link-Blue userid and password)

Download Server

Step 2: Click download! Next you will be taken to the UK Application Download webpage (also known as iweb). You will be asked to authenticate with your Link-Blue userid and password.

Important: If your Link-Blue account resides on the MC domain, you will need to add "MC\userid" when logging into the UK Application Download webpage (iWeb)


Step 3: Click on "Adobe Software"

Log into iweb

Step 4: Click on the green down arrow next to correct version of Adobe Captivate 7. It is important that you know if your machine is either 32 or 64 bit. 32 bit software versions can be loaded on either 32 or 64 bit machines but 64 bit software can only be loaded on a 64 bit machine.

Log into iweb

Step 5: Click on download. Please keep in mind that you will only have one download of this particular software

Log into iweb

Step 6: Your system will ask if you want to run or save Adobe Captivate. Click run


Step 7: You will receive a warning message that the publisher of Adobe Captivate could not be Verified. Please click run to continue.


Step 8: The Adobe Captivate download package is a compressed file. You will need to extracte the compressed files with WinZip or 7-zip.


Step 9: Now you should have a excutable file called "AdobeCaptivate7-Win32.exe" or "AdobeCaptivate7-Win64.exe". You might to do a search for that name. once you find the file, click to start the installer.

Executable File

Step 10: A warning will appear saying that "the Publisher could not be verified". Click run.

Open File

Step 11: You should see two files and a folder on your desktop now.

  • Adobe Captivate 7 folder containing the file "set-up.exe"
  • Captivate 7.0 Read Me.pdf
  • Adobe Captivate 7 Install Instructions.txt

What's on the desktop

Step 12: Click to open Adobe Captivate 7 folder. Find the Set-up.exe file. Click to start the install.

Finding the Set up File

Step 13: Click on "Install"


Step 14: You will need to sign in with an Adobe Account. It is easy to set-up an Adobe account if you do not have one.

Adobe Account

Step 15: Click to agree to the Adobe Software License Agreement"

Legal stuff

Step 16: Find the serial number in the txt file called "Adobe Captivate 7 Install Instructions.txt".

Serial number

Step 17: On the options, click install!


Step 18: Installation complete! Either click to view tutorial videos or open Adobe Captivate 7

Installation complete

Step 19: Adobe Captivate 7

Captivate 7 software

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