SPSS version 21 and 22 installation instructions

New versions of SPSS 22 and AMOS 22 are now available on the UK Download Server - https://download.uky.edu/ Search for the term SPSS and AMOS depending what you need. SPSS 21 has a Mac and Windows version while AMOS 21 only has a Windows version. To obtain the license code for these two software applications, you will need to select the "click here" link next to SPSS 21 on the Download site to take a survey (Powered by Qualtircs). Once you submit the survey, you will receive an email with the license codes for both SPSS 21 and AMOS 21.


Note: OS 10.9 Maverick (IBM has not yet fully tested OSX 10.9; once fully tested IBM will release updates please refer to the Mac Compatibility Report site for those changes. The software will install and responds to basic functions)
Click here for full mac compatibility report

Click here for full windows compatibility report

Helpful hints:

  • SPSS is available for all University of Kentucky Faculty, Staff and Students
  • You need to choose Site License option during the install wizard.
  • SPSS 22 Windows is available in 32 and 64 bit versions choose the version for your machine
  • You must install both SPSS 22 and AMOS 22 to be able to run AMOS 22.
  • You may need to update Microsoft.Net Framework: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=17851
  • The install instructions are the same as SPSS 21
  • It's a good idea to un-install any older versions of SPSS or AMOS before installing the new version.


SPSS v22 Install Instructions

1. Download SPSS 22 for Windows from download.uky.edu

2. Double click on the SPSS22.exe file that you downloaded.

3. If prompted with "Do you want to run this software?", click RUN (or YES).

4. If prompted with a Security Warning, click RUN.

5. Read the Install WIzard documentation, then Click Next.

6. Select Authroized user license as the type of license that you will be using and Click Next.

7. Read the license agreement and if you accept it, choose "I accept terms" and Click Next.

8. Enter your user name and Organization information and click next.

9. On the Help Language panel, select any additional languages other than English then click next.

10. Select yes or no for PYTHON screen reading software, for people who are blind or can't see the computer screen (most likely no) and click next.

11. Accept the PYTHON agreement and click next.

12. On the Destination Folder screen, do not change the default destination and click next.

13. Click install to begin the installation

14. After SPSS v22 Install Shield Wizard is complete, you should select OK to launch the License Authorization Wizard. Select "License my product now" and click next. [You will need to be connected to the internet to license the product.] You will be prompted to enter the authorization code.

14. Once it is done processing the code click next, then click finish.



SPSS v21 Install Instructions


  1. Search for "SPSS 21" on the Download Server
  2. Users must register annually to obtain the license information. So click on "click here." to take a Qualtrics survey.
  3. Once you submit the online survey, you will recieve an email with an Authorization Code for Premium SPSS 21.
  4. Then return to the download.uky.edu to click on "download"
  5. If the executable file does not start install automatically, click on SPSS21Win.exe
  6. Then an wizard that steps you through the process of installation.
  7. Click "Next" for the next couple of steps.
  8. Pick site license
  9. Choose to accept the terms of the license agreement and next.
  10. Customer information will already be entered for you.
  11. Choose language option- English is default
  12. Choose if you need Jaws support (for seeing impaired)
  13. Click next to choose the default designation folder.
  14. Complete the installation process
  15. The next steps authorization of software
  16. Choose to "license my product now"
  17. Online Registration with IBM
  18. Finding SPSS after installation is complete.

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