Account Locked

Why is my link blue Account being Locked?

As a security precaution, APAT will lock link blue accounts if multiple unsuccessful log-in attempts occur. Since your computer, mobile phones or tablets will store your link blue password, account owners may experience "a lock out" of their account after they change their link blue account password.

Here are some of the possible reasons for the lock-out.

  • You will need to update your link blue account password with your mail app on your mobile phones or tablet devices (iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Windows phones).
  • Mapped drives on your windows computer will store your password. Please un-install and re-install your mapped drives.
  • Print queues will store your password. Update all passwords with your print queues.
  • Any database or remote connection that stores your link blue password.
  • Lync will store your password.
  • Voice Mail going to your mobile device
  • Remember that you will need to check these items on all your computers (home, office or decommissioned hardware) or mobile devices.

If your account is locked:

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