Mobile Devices and Cybersecurity

Mobile devices have become a primary communication tool through texting, voice apps and phone. In addition, we now bank, shop, view medical history, attend to work remotely, and communicate virtually anywhere with our fingertips.
Several higher education institutions have also incorporated mobile apps into their campus communication and student retention strategies as more students arrive on campus with smartphone and tablets.

The University of Kentucky has the myUK Mobile App which provides the following features:

Recognizing and Combating Cybercrime

Each year new technology and technology tools are introduced and incorporated into our daily lives.  We see more technology used in education, healthcare, airports, banking, hotels and politics.  As technology usage soars, cybercrime continues to expand as recent statistics show  that approximately 15 million U.S. residents have their identities stolen yearly. 

Cybersecurity and Spotting Phishing Emails

This week’s Cybersecurity spotlight is about staying aware of phishing emails. There really is no industry that is not affected by cybercriminal email tactics otherwise known as phishing. Financial institutions, colleges, hospitals, retailers and even sports leagues have all been targeted by individuals pretending to be someone else to appear credible and gain trust to receive personal and customer information.

Skype for Business Migration Scheduled for Holiday Weekend

University of Kentucky Analytics and Technologies (UKAT) will begin the migration of Lync 2010 to Skype for Business at 9:30 p.m. Friday, July 1. The migration will update each Lync-enabled University of Kentucky account to Skype for Business. As part of the process, each UK Lync account and any meeting data associated with it will be migrated.

SAP Performance Improvement Project Summary

Business Opportunity
In January 2016, a project began to increase performance of UK’s Enterprise Resource System (SAP). The growth of the system since the initial 2005-2006 implementation eventually resulted in delays or interruptions to critical services. Performance issues needed to be avoided for activities beginning in March (i.e. merit weekends, priority registration, UKHC annual safety training) that were known windows of increased system load.

Media Depot Club Wins Student Organization of the Year

The Media Depot Club has received the Student Organization of the Year Award presented by the Office of Student Involvement. This is the first time the award has been presented.

The Media Depot Club was created by Eric Sanders, Alex Sabad and Chris Wright, students who staff UKAT’s Media Depot @ The Hub .The students created the club 8 months ago and has grown to 71 members. The club’s advisor is Kirk Laird, manager of UKAT Learning Spaces.

Visio Software Available for Staff

A license agreement was recently purchased which allows UKAT staff to download Visio to their work computer. This agreement is ONLY for UKAT Staff and not all UK employees.

Visio software can be downloaded from using your link blue user name and password. Visio will not download if Microsoft Office was downloaded from Office365 previously. If you downloaded Microsoft Office from Office 365, you will need to uninstall and then reinstall Microsoft Office from and then install Visio.

Internet Firewalls Maintenance

On Sunday, March 20th, from 02:00 AM until 05:00 AM; IT will be performing maintenance on Network equipment that serves Network traffic between the Internet and Campus, including Healthcare facilities. At approximately 02:15 AM, a change will be made that could cause loss of connectivity for the Internet, VPN, and remote Citrix connectivity (MedConnect); for 10 minutes or less, to even no impact at all. The maintenance window duration will be for confirmation of systems' connectivity and function.

Security Matters: Tips to Make it a Happy Holiday

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Nov. 23, 2015) — Many identity and cyber thieves really do think that the holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year; however, if you would rather thwart their attempts to swindle and defraud you and try to enjoy the festivities yourself, there are a few steps you can take.

Below are tips for steering clear of identity and cyber thieves:


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