How will assessment information be used?

Upon approval of General Education courses, assessable artifacts (i.e., assignments) are identified by the course designer through the course syllabus and the Office of Undergraduate Education provides this information to the Office of Assessment. The Office of Assessment uses the information to identify the assignment and the date of completion within the Bb Outcomes system. Artifacts will be gathered using the Blackboard (Bb) Outcomes system. For all General Education courses, an assessable artifact is to be submitted via Blackboard’s assignment function. This information is then used by the Bb Outcomes system to harvest and archive artifacts for assessment purposes.
Data gathered through Bb Outcomes during assessment is analyzed and reported to faculty and other constituencies for use in planning and budgeting improvements in student learning at the institutional and program levels. The Office of Assessment will coordinate any special analysis as requested by the faculty for further investigation.
When the Bb reporting system is fully implemented, reports will be available at the college and department level for use in planning and budgeting improvements in student learning at all levels. In addition to being available at the college and departmental levels, assessment information will be available to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), the University Senate, the Interim General Education Oversight Committee (IGEOC), the University Assessment Council (UAC) and to other constituencies as requested.