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UKIT Strategic Plan 2009-2014

Building the Foundation

Building structure

The Lexington ice storm of February 2009 saw the arrival of Vince Kellen, the new Chief Information Officer, at the University of Kentucky.

The first to hold this title at Kentucky, Kellen is experienced in enterprise architecture, project management offices (PMOs), quality management frameworks, major enterprise resource planning (ERP) migrations and upgrades, data warehousing and analytics, customer relationship management (CRM) technology, and IT infrastructure planning.

The formulation of the University of Kentucky’s IT Strategic Plan for 2009-2014 was one of the first tasks for Kellen and his management team to accomplish at UK.

President Lee Todd in front of Digital Village Phase II plan

The approach for the strategic plan began with a careful examination of the goals of the university and consideration of how IT’s contribution could best fit this strategy. To become acquainted with IT at the University of Kentucky and to obtain the best data on how UKIT is serving its most important clients, Kellen decided to ask them. Knowing that collaboration among people trying to achieve a goal is essential, Kellen met with dozens of leaders across campus. The key players were easily identified. UK HealthCare IT was a major cooperative partner, and the people in other IT positions at the university also were contributors. Likewise, UK students and their needs could not be neglected in formulating IT’s goals. Faculty and staff are most important in supporting student and research needs, and this segment of the UK population was included among the collaborators.

UK Staff With 16 colleges and many other institutes and centers to be considered, Kellen initiated a procedure of having these groups participate in the assessment of IT and the formulation of its goals. Academic deans and others across the campus were requested to appoint personnel familiar with information technology in their areas. A team, named the Deans’ IT Group, agreed to assist Kellen in assessing the state of Information Technology at UK. Meeting first in mid 2009, the Deans’ IT Group divided itself into subcommittees assigned to assess five major components of the IT world and the status of each at the university:

  • Academic Facilities
  • Enterprise Computing
  • Research Cyberinfrastructure
  • Ubiquitous Technology
  • Funding Model

To gain a complete picture of Information Technology at UK and where its clients wanted it to proceed with respect to UK’s goals, Kellen gave the groups carte blanche in their assessments.

Having the collaborative input of many resulted in the formulation of strategic goals for 2009-2014. Information Technology is grateful for the service of these groups and their interest in the betterment of the University of Kentucky.

UKIT Strategic Plan

IT Strategic Plan brochure cover

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UKIT Strategic Plan Metrics

  • Goal 1 – Help improve student success and patient outcomes
  • Goal 2 – Improve workstation labs and classroom facilities
  • Goal 3 – Exploit disruptive technology for cost/benefit gain
  • Goal 4 – Adjust research computing model to support growing research programs and utilize new technology
  • Goal 5 – Digitize content, automate and improve processes
  • Goal 6 – Use collaboration and governance for advantage
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