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UKIT Strategic Plan 2009-2014

Deans’ IT Group Subcommittee Recommendations

Integrated Collaboration across Organizational Lines

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The goal of Top 20 status for UK demands world-class support service from UKIT. Collabora- tion across the enterprise to achieve the goal is essential and will include not only traditional Information Technology groups but also HealthCare IT and IT support within the colleges and centers at the university. Technology change will drive the larger cultural change, and our support and understanding of both are necessary to allow us to achieve the goal – world-class Information Technology.

Having an accurate assessment of current UKIT abilities is key to providing a roadmap for achieving improvements and to formulating a strategy for goal attainment. Assessment should be broadened not only to cover the traditional roles of information technology in our organiza- tion but also to consider how we can meet the unforeseen technology changes.

In 2009, CIO Kellen started a unique collaboration when he convened IT representatives from across the university. UKIT staff as well as staff from various colleges and departments provided a realistic perspective on technology at UK and contributed input for the 2009-2014 Strategic Plan. This group, called the Deans’ IT Group, was given the challenge of examining UKIT’s current status as well as strategic preparation to meet new challenges and demands from technology users.

The Deans’ IT Group looked at areas where UK’s services can be enhanced to reach UK’s Top 20 goal. Subcommittees examined:

  • Academic Facilities
  • Enterprise Computing
  • Research Cyberinfrastructure
  • Ubiquitous Technology
  • Funding Structure

Each subcommittee prepared an extended document investigating its area. Documents are available for review at

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UKIT is grateful for the many hours of investigation and reporting that went into each of the reports. Inescapable are the ideas that:

  • Economic resources are increasingly stretched
  • Technology must carry the torch in the march to Top 20 research status
  • Technological changes will never stop

The Deans’ Group reports reflect these sentiments and represent an important effort at proposing a revised plan for achieving the best possible outcome over the period of the strategic plan.

Achieving Top 20 status poses a significant challenge for all areas of the university. IT is a critical resource to help the university meet that challenge. The demands placed on healthcare, academics, and research in the future will require IT to change its culture intelligently, to alter how the work of educating students, performing research, and improving healthcare is completed. We lay a foundation for that effort here, thanks to a collaborative effort of many.

UKIT Strategic Plan

IT Strategic Plan brochure cover

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UKIT Strategic Plan Metrics

  • Goal 1 – Help improve student success and patient outcomes
  • Goal 2 – Improve workstation labs and classroom facilities
  • Goal 3 – Exploit disruptive technology for cost/benefit gain
  • Goal 4 – Adjust research computing model to support growing research programs and utilize new technology
  • Goal 5 – Digitize content, automate and improve processes
  • Goal 6 – Use collaboration and governance for advantage
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