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UKIT Strategic Plan 2009-2014

Supporting Tactics

1. Regular assessments

UK students
  1. Workstation lab and classroom IT use and needs
  2. Instructional software use and support needs
  3. High performance computing use and needs
  4. Researcher IT use and needs
  5. UK business process portfolio and enterprise software use
  6. Wired and wireless network infrastructure 

2. University and IT operations 

  1. Improve the level of automated and preventive maintenance for workstations, workstation labs, and classrooms
  2. Establish an accurate and comprehensive list of learning spaces and technology inventory within them
  3. Improve timing and sequencing of major system upgrades and installs using appropriate university governance structures
  4. Continue improving the security of personal information and IT audit and compliance risk management

3. Infrastructure

  1. Move the university’s data centers to a consolidated data center off campus, at Coldstream or a suitable alternative
  2. Identify buildings with insufficient network connectivity; determine the costs of and establish a schedule for improvement
  3. Improve the backup, recovery, off-site storage, and stewardship of critical data assets, including research, faculty, and key departmental data; revisit the IT disaster recovery plan and adjust 
  4. Improve email archival storage and access for personal and group productivity and compliance needs
  5. Support UK HealthCare IT’s zero-downtime initiative

4. Coordination and communication

  1. Communicate the services offered by the various IT units on campus. Clarify the interdependence between IT service providers and rationalize service delivery
  2. Improve coordination of IT asset purchases, including software, hardware, and consulting services to ensure best pricing and reduce redundant purchasing 
  3. Improve the user experience with IT by using experience analysis and voice-of-the-customer research in IT system
  4. Improve the scheduling of workstation labs through a more centralized coordination process

5. Funding and governance

  1. Ensure all workstation labs and classrooms have sufficient funding for regular IT upgrades
  2. Engage the appropriate university IT committees to provide input into the level and allocation of funding in labs and classrooms 
  3. Foster adoption of multimedia learning by establishing a vibrant community of faculty that can share knowledge and practices 
  4. Review the student technology fee annually with input from the appropriate university committees

6. Talent management

  1. Improve staff and faculty skills in UK’s enterprise and learning management software (SAP, Blackboard, teaching IT, etc.)
  2. Invest in the leadership development of IT staff to prepare the next generation of leaders; conduct recurring joint leadership sessions with UK HealthCare
  3. Continue to improve group and individual skills in cross-department teamwork

UKIT Strategic Plan

IT Strategic Plan brochure cover

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UKIT Strategic Plan Metrics

  • Goal 1 – Help improve student success and patient outcomes
  • Goal 2 – Improve workstation labs and classroom facilities
  • Goal 3 – Exploit disruptive technology for cost/benefit gain
  • Goal 4 – Adjust research computing model to support growing research programs and utilize new technology
  • Goal 5 – Digitize content, automate and improve processes
  • Goal 6 – Use collaboration and governance for advantage
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