EAG - Student Lifecycle Management (SLCM)

Service Description:

Student Lifecycle Management provides a system for maintaining complete and accurate information pertaining to all aspects of the student lifecycle. SLCM supports processes that enable faculty, staff and students to manage activities that relate to the lifecycle of the student – from prospect to graduate.

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Strategic Plan Linkage:

Student Lifecycle Management plays a key role in achieving Goal 1 of the UKIT Strategic Goals:

From the 2009-2014 UKIT Strategic Plan (http://www.uky.edu /UKIT/Strategic Pan/)

Goal 1: Help improve student success and patient outcomes


  • Admission
  • Event Planning
  • Course Registration
  • Student Accounting
  • Student Financial Aid
  • Grading
  • Application for Degree
  • Graduation
  • On-line student services support to over 28,000 students
  • SLCM is accessed by over 3,000 faculty and staff members

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Service Metrics:

SLCM strives to achieve excellent customer service. This includes anticipating the needs of faculty and staff to ensure they have the system access necessary to work effectively and efficiently when they need it. More proactive communication and more frequent communication will reduce the number of urgent, last minute requests at peak times such as final grading. The metric demonstrates that these enhanced communication efforts are leading to earlier assignment of system roles and authorizations.

SLCM metrics chart

The Student Lifecycle Management (SLCM) implementation includes the replacement of student systems (SIS, BR-CASH, and FAMS) and encompasses Student Accounting, Student Administration, and Student Financial Aid. The Student Lifecycle Management Management solution from SAP includes application components for the student life cycle, such as admission, registration (booking), event planning (class schedule), grading, progression, academic work, calendar, and student accounting. UK’s new financial aid system utilizes Sigma ProSAM software, with plans for full integration with SLCM.

As part of the first major SAP/IRIS Project Go Live, Student Accounting became operational on October 1, 2005. UK’s new financial aid system followed on March 1. More recently, new Visitor Center functionality was implemented in May 2006.

The Go Live for Student Lifecycle Management (Student Administration) began in December 2006, with the building of the first schedule (for fall 2007) in the new system. The other components of Student Administration became active February 26, 2007.

Students, faculty, and staff members should check here for general information about the Student Lifecycle Management implementation, updates, and documentation.


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