SAS 9.3 installation

NOTE: UK Students and Employes have the option to use the virtual desktop instead of installing SAS.  Go to for more information.
*SAS/JMP Genomics is not included on the MyVirtualDEN

Helpful Knowledge

  • MyVirtual Den only has version SAS 9.3 m2 and JMP
  • JMP Genomics 6.0 can only be found as a download from the
  • JMP Genomics can not be installed on a machine which has SAS 9.3 m2 installed.
  • If you need to have access to both SAS and SAS/JMP Genomics, you can install Genomics on your machine and use SAS using the MyVirtualDEN.

1.  7-Zip Software If you don’t already have 7-Zip, download and install 7-zip from

2.    Restart your machine

Download and Extraction of SAS 9.3 bit

3.    From the main UK website,, click on Link Blue and then Software Download.


4.    Type SAS in gray search bar and click Search

5.    Locate SAS 9.3 32bit Part 1 of 7 and select click here to register and obtain your license


6. Complete request form and the license file will be emailed to you


7.    Download all 7 parts of SAS to your desktop (Start the next part after the prior part finishes)

NOTE:  if your machine places downloads other than desktop please move to desktop after these have downloaded. 

8.    Right click on the SAS 9.3 TS1 M2 file on your desktop, select 7-zip and Open archive


9.    This will open a 7-Zip window that displays the SAS 9.3 folder 


10.    Drag this folder from the 7-zip application to your desktop.  (This process is copying and combining all 7 of the SAS zip files for installation and will take 10-20 minutes)


Installation of SAS 9.3

NOTE: UK Students have the option to use the virtual desktop instead of installing SAS.  Go to for more information.

11.    Open the new folder on your desktop SAS 9.3 TS1 M2 32bit

12.    Double click on setup and click Run, if needed


13.    SAS Deployment Wizard starts



14.    Choose Language

15.    Choose Install SAS software and click Next

16.    Enter or Browse to select Installation location and click Next

Note: if you have had a previous version of SAS, you may get warning message of overwriting

17.    Choose Install SAS Foundation and Related Software and click Next

18.    10 products are already checked.  Additionally, check SAS Power and Sample Size and click Next

19.    Select the SAS Foundation Products you would like to install and click Next 

20.    Open email containing Registration information and copy 


21.    Under Specify SAS Installation Data File, browse to the license file you received after filling out the online registration form and click Next

22.    Select Language Support, choose clear all first, English will still be installed; if you need an additional language please select one and click Next.

23    Select Java Runtime Environment leave “Use the recommended Java Runtime Environment” selected, click Next.

24.    Specify SAS Document Conversion Host and Port leave the two boxes with the default text alone (it will be your computer name), click Next

NOTE: Don’t create a Restart account

25.    Follow wizard prompts for Checking System clicking Next where prompted

26.    Click Start to begin Stage 1 System Requirements

This will take several minutes at which your system may require you to restart one or more times; you will not need to fill in domain name information; leave blank and click on OK


NOTE:  Once your system has restarted follow Installation of SAS 9.3 steps

Beginning with opening SAS 9.3 TS1 M2 32bit folder click on setup again this will repeat the above steps and pick up where the install left off.



27.    Follow the prompts for the Systems Requirements Wizard Stage 2.  If your system has you reboot, then reboot and then paste the link above back into your browser and it will pick up from where it left off. 


NOTE:  there are 294 parts to install under Stage 2 in which you may see screens like this appear and disappear


28.    Select Support Option, decide whether or not to send install information back to SAS, by default Do Not Send options is chosen Click Next.


29.    Click Finish, Close all your programs and reboot your computer.

NOTE: These are links to technical support of SAS as needed

NOTE: The first time start up window will appear to allow you to acclimate yourself with the Start Guides. Help dialog may be reopened by clicking on the Help menu.

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